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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2007
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 21

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A flashback explains how the Baroness and Wraith survived the plane crash and presumably how she became a prisoner of the US Government and then GI Joe. In the present, The Baroness is hunting for her baby. She finds Scalpel and tortures him, the Joes later find him barely alive. Next, the Baroness finds and hires Major Bludd.

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Notes of Interest

New creative team of writer Mark Powers and artist Mike Bear.

Destro officially acknowledges his son Alexander Destro as his heir. Introduction and death of Croc Master II.

Major Players

The Joe Team: Gen. Colton, Duke, Roadblock, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Spirit Cobra: Blackout, Cobra Commander, Croc Master II, Scalpel (Andrew Walker), Tomax, Jungle Vipers Former Cobras: Baroness, Destro, Alexander Destro, Major Bludd, Wraith Additional Characters: Baroness Brother Eugen DeCobray, Stalkers wife Lydia

Creative Team

Script: Mark Powers, Pencils: Mike Bear, Inks: Clayton Brown, Colors: Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Letters: Brian Crowley, Military Advisor: Phil Kost, Commanding Officer: Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Clement Sauve & Stephane Peru

Full Details

Fourteen months ago on Cobra Island, the new Croc Master and several Jungle Vipers are searching the burning wreckage of an airplane blown up by Cobra Commander. (See DD #39) Inside the plane are supposed to be the dead bodies of Wraith and the Baroness. But both have survived and take out the Cobras very easily. The pregnant Baroness tells Wraith that he needs to take her to Destro. Wraith punches her out saying "with you I can still salvage something from this disaster".

Currently at The Rock, General Colton is debriefing the Joe team. He gives them a brief known history of the Baroness, including information on her deceased brother Eugen, her later activism and how it lead her to Cobra. He talks about her history with Destro and how it is rumored that they are married. He then reveals to the team that she was turned into the US Government and that for months she was interrogated in the very bottom security cells of The Rock. He also reveals that seven months into the incarceration she gave birth to a child and orders where given to take the child from her until she cooperated. She never did. The Baroness doesnt even know the gender of her child. And now she is free.

The baby was taken to special government facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. Two weeks ago, it is believed that a Cobra squad attacked the facility killing all including nurses, pregnant mothers and children. The baby is missing.

In Brooklyn New York, the Baroness has just interrupted a face changing plastic surgery paid for by the Gambinos. The unconscious Scalpel is lying on the table about to fall asleep from the anesthesia. Later when he awakes tied to a gurney, the Baroness is staring at him. She accuses him of seller her out. Back when she was just pregnant Scalpel sold the secret information to Cobra Commander. She tortures him with a scalpel.

Near The Rock, Stalker is talking with his wife, Lydia, about his feelings towards the Baroness situation. Inside The Rock, Scarlett and Colton are talking about how they can understand the Baroness wrath. Colton has received a small lead on her whereabouts.

Later in Brooklyn, Spirit, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are investigating the building where Scalpel was tortured by the Baroness. In an office in the back, they discover the barely alive Scalpel. He has been severely disfigured by the Baroness. But he still gives them some information that she is going to be coming after the Joes and Cobra.

At M.A.R.S. headquarters in Scotland, Alexander Destro is going through physical therapy. His father, the current Destro, comes into the room with a gift box. He says to Alexander that it is time for him to name an heir. For the first official time, Alexander Destro is given his families traditional silver mask.

Tomax and Blackout visit Cobra Commander to inform him that the Cobra Viper squad that was sent to Brooklyn hasnt reported in yet. The Commander knows the Joes got to the Baroness lead first. He says "I think James McCullen has been in the dark about the fate of his wife for far, far too long."

And in Switzerland, Major Bludd arrives at his house to discover the Baroness waiting for him. Instead of killing him, she offers him a very financially beneficiary opportunity to kill Joes in Saudi Arabia.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen