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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: October 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 16

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The Phoenix Guard launches a full out attack on The Rock. The Joes are completely on the defensive and have many of its team members injured. Duke arrives at The Rock. And Garrett Freedlowe (Cobra Commander) gains access to the Joes Data Desk files, which contains information about the Baroness and her baby.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of Garrett Freedlowe's real wife and son. Stalker, Sparks, Roadblock, Shipwreck and Kamakura all injured by the Phoenix Guard.

Major Players

Joes: General Joe Colton, Roadblock, Kamakura, Hawk, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Spirit, Shipwreck, Stalker Phoenix Guard: General Ray, High-Tide, Friday, Snake-Eater, Halo, Mech Cobra Commander: Cobra Commander (Garrett Freedlowe) Other: Harris (Freedlowe), Helen (Freedlowe), Miguel, Elizabeth Parker, Dallas/Ft. Worth air traffic controllers, The Rock Support Staff

Creative Team

Script: Joe Casey, Pencils: Josh Medors, Inks: Richard Zajac, Colors: Jason Jenson, Letters: Brian. J. Crowley, Military Advisor: Phil Kost, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Tim Seeley & Brian Buccellato

Full Details

In Washington DC, Garrett Freedlowe, the President's Chief of Staff, (actually Cobra Commander who has replaced the real Freedlowe and is using a high tech disguise) is having dinner with the real life wife and son. He is now in the middle of a divorce with Helen, and just missed his son's baseball game. The dinner is interrupted because Freedlowe receives a message about his newest security report. He leaves the dinner and isn't nice about it. Once he gets back to the White House, he starts looking at the information from The Rock about the captured Baroness, including biography information and a sonagram photo of her baby.

At The Rock, the Phoenix Guard team begun it's full on assault against the Joe team and they have cut the power and all communications. The Guard is killing many of the support personal as it makes its way through the facility on the hunt for the Joe team members. General Colton, Scarlett, Stalker and Snake-Eyes in the lower levels take off to find the invaders.

High-Tide and Friday make there way into the command area, where Roadblock and Hawk are stationed. Roadblock catches Hide Tide off guard and nearly knocks him out with a vicious punch. Just as Friday puts a gun to Hawk's head, Roadblock now in a position he doesn't like as Friday threatens to kill Hawk. High-Tide recovers and releases a flash grenade right in Roadblock's eyes blinding him.

Stalker arrives in the communication area where he discovers an injured Sparks. Phoenix Guard member Snake-Eater gets the drop on Stalker shooting him in the shoulder and stands over him waiting for permission from General Rey to kill him.

Colton, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett are totally on the run from General Rey and Mech. They jump into what appears to be a supply closet. As Rey and Mech check out the closet, they find it empty, the Joes have escaped into super secret tunnels that Colton had designed into the plans, just for this reason. As they make there way to the designated area to regroup for a counterattack. Colton thinks that he recognized General Rey but can't be sure.

Duke is in an airplane with Eliazbeth Parkes, a doctor who has helped him with his injuries and got him the airplane that is now flying towards The Rock.

Shipwreck and Kamakura are pinned down by Friday and High Tide, Shipwreck is able to shoot Hide Tide, and Mech shows up tossing a grenade at them. Kamakura is able to escape to cover. Shipwreck is thrown into the wall by the explosion, he is alive but injured.

Kamakura is able to meet up with Colton having sustained some injuries. And he informs him that the attackers are American.

General Rey makes it down to the lowest levels of The Rock, looking for the Baroness. All he sees is busted window from a prison cell.

Having secured The Rock, the Phoenix Guard collect back in the command center wear Hawk is being held by Snake-Eater. Up in the rafters is Spirit. General Rey briefs the team, they are ready to move to phase two.

And finally Duke arrives in the plane to a smoking Rock.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen