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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: August 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 14

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Phoenix Guard makes it first attack on Cobra, just before the Joe team arrives. The President and his Chief of Staff Garrett Freedlowe (actually Cobra Commander) visit the Joe headquarters and discover that the Baroness is being secretly held prisoner. Duke returns to civilization with a secret. Storm Shadow takes T'JBang away to help release him from the mystical hold of Sei Tin.

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Notes of Interest

Spirit returns as an official member of the Joe team.

Data Desk files on Halo, High-Tide and Snake-Eater.

Major Players

The Joe Team: Gen. Colton, Duke, Hawk, Kamakura, Roadblock, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Stalker, Storm Shadow, Snake-Eyes, Spirit, Sparks Special Joe Appearance: Ace Red Ninja Clan: Sei Tin & T'JBang Cobra: Cobra Commander (Garrett Freedlowe, Chief of Staff to the President), Baroness Additional Characters: President of the United States, Phoenix Guard: General Rey, Friday, Halo, Hide-Tide, Mech, Snake-Eater

Creative Team

Script: Joe Casey, Pencils: Josh Medors, Inks: Richard Zajac, Colors: Jason Jensen Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Military Advisory: Phil Kost, Edited by: Mike O'Sullivan, Cover by: Phil Noto, Special Thanks: Tim Seeley & Robert Q. Atkins

Full Details

The Phoenix Guard makes its first attack on a Cobra squad in Utah. Lead by former Joe leader, General Phillip Rey and the rest of the Phoenix Guard, Halo, Hide Tide, Friday, Mech and Snake-Eater cause lots of destruction and kill all of the Cobra soldiers.

In Boa Vista, South America, Duke has been discovered, having survived severe torture, he has been flown to a very small and crude medical facility where he tries to send a radio message about a secret he has to tell, but passes out.

In Utah, the Joes arrive at the Cobra base that has just recently been destroyed by the Phoenix Guard. They confirm that it was a active Cobra base and are able to get glean some information from a computer. But they leave the base confused as to what part of the military would have attacked Cobra. Traditionally, Cobra has always been the exclusive mission of the Joe team. So it is very suspect for this to have happened.

At the Rock, GI Joe's base, The President of the United States, along with his Chief of Staff Garrett Freedlowe, who is actually Cobra Commander in an elaborate mask, visit General Colton. They request Colton to show him the most classified aspect of The Rock, which is that the Baroness has been held in a cell in the very lower levels without proper legal rights of representation. Later after leaving The Rock, The President is advised by Garrett to cut the funding for the base and the team. The President's confidence in the Joe team has decreased dramatically with the discovery of the Baroness. And Garrett/Cobra Commander encourages the President to put his faith in the newest anti-terrorist force, the Phoenix Guard, who have now just successfully completed their first mission.

Storm Shadow, still recovering from his wounds, makes a promise to T'JBang to correct the mistake he has made. He promises he will save him from the hell he is currently in. T'JBang, confined to a bed with a respirator, cries.

At General Rey's house he receives a late night call to report for a mission, later after the Phoenix Guard has assembled, Rey brings up a holographic display of The Rock, their next mission.

In Yosemite National Park, Spirit has been recovering from his capture and torture of Cobra, when Scarlett, Snake-Eyes and Stalker visit him with the intention of bringing him back as a full member of the team. He accepts.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen