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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: February 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 8

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The Joes have returned with Destro's captured submarine and Snake-Eyes' body. There still remains some hope that Snake-Eyes is in the Sleeping Phoenix. Kamakura returns to see his Master, Scarlett is completely heart broken and the rest of Joes argue amongst themselves.

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Notes of Interest

Data Desk Dossier Files: Kamakura and T'JBang.

Return of T'JBang and the Red Ninja Clan. Introduction of Masaaki and Kohai of the Red Ninja Clan.

Major Players

The Joe Team: Gen. Colton, Duke, Flint, Kamakura, Roadblock, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Stalker, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, T'JBang

Creative Team

Written by: Joe Casey, Artist: Stefano Caselli, Colors by: Daniele Rudoni, Lettering by: Brian J. Crowley, Edited by: Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

In the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, T'JBang and the Red Ninja's Masaaki & Kohai are waiting to make an attack on a helicopter surrounded by people, its identity unknown. They have received news of the Silent Master's fate. They talk about the healing ways of the spiritual and that Snake-Eyes needs to be with his clan members. They then begin their assault.

US Naval Base Sasebo in Kyushu, Japan, General Colton arrives to access the situation for the President. The USS Flagg is stationed next to Destro's captured submarine and the Joes are morning the loss of Snake-Eyes.

Gen. Colton gets a debriefing from Stalker, Roadblock, Flint and Shipwreck about the successful rescue mission of Scarlett, how Destro escaped, how they captured the submarine and what happen to Snake-Eyes. Tension erupts between Flint and Stalker, again. Flint, still dealing with the loss of his wife Lady Jaye, is completely cold and matter of fact about the loss of Snake-Eyes. Stalker can't defend Flint anymore and they almost get in fight that Roadblock prevents.

In another room, the grieving Scarlett leaves Storm Shadow with Snake-Eyes' body. Storm Shadow is trying to determine if Snake-Eyes has put himself in the Sleeping Phoenix. The Sleeping Phoenix is a ninja trance state that slows the breathing and heart rate to near death like rates allowing the individual to survive serious wounds.

Kamakura arrives at the base.

In the Amazon, Duke and his group of mercenaries are being attacked by some very old beat up Cobra BAT's. They are the original designs that he fought way back before GI Joe was disbanded. The BAT's take out most of the mercenaries but as the y surround Duke; it is obvious that they intend to capture him. So he gives up, saying "Take me to your leader."

Back at Sasebo, Kamakura confronts Storm Shadow with Stalker in the room. Kamakura refuses to believe that Snake-Eyes is not alive. He even accuses Storm Shadow of lying. After a very brief fight, Kamakura calms down. Storm Shadow explains that he has searched for any trace of the Sleeping Phoenix and was unable to find any. He apologizes. Kamakura and Stalker go off to see Snake-Eyes' body, leaving Storm Shadow behind with some doubt in his eyes.

Flint enters Scarlett's bunk room where she has been crying and grieving. Scarlett expresses to him that she doesn't want to become a shell of human being like Flint has become. Flint points out that the pains only gets worse, and that he wouldn't wish it on any of his worse enemies. Scarlett is left alone to her pain.

In another part of the base, Stalker and Kamakura are about to open the door to where Snake-Eyes' body is, Stalker offers Kamakura a position back on the Joe team. When they open the door the body is gone.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen