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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: September 2005
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 3

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Destro plays both angles of GI Joe & Vance Wingfield. Meanwhile in Chicago, Snake-Eyes tracks down and confronts Firefly in the middle of a gang war. The Joe team has begun to figure out how the crashing satellites are being controlled and begin to act to save the United States.

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Alternate Covers

Devil's Due 2nd Printing Cover

Notes of Interest

Scarlett & Duke are MIA.

(see Marvel GI Joe #4 & Image/DD Front Line series #11-14 for more history on the Vance Wingfield and his family)

Major Players

Joes: Joe Colton, Stalker, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Flint Cobra: Destro, Alexander, Firefly Other: Vance Wingfield, President of the U.S., Victor Gasso, & D (Gasso's bodyguard, deceased), Emil Tannen's (rival gang leader to Gasso) name is mentioned.

Creative Team

Written by: Joe Casey, Pencils and Inks: Stefano Caselli, Colors: Kendrik Lim of Imaginary Friends Studio, Lettering: Steve Seeley, Editor: Mark Powers and Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

The Joe team is returning from Puerto Rico where they discovered that Destro has been playing some part in the crashing satellites that have hit Chicago & Silicon Valley.

In Destro's submarine, he has been monitoring the recent Joe activity in Puerto Rico. He has been supplying Vance Wingfield with the technology and weapons that caused the destruction of Chicago & Silicon Valley. Destro understands that the Joe team is going to soon discover Wingfield. And Destro is basically just bleeding Wingfield dry all for his own profit. His son, Alexander Destro reports that the sub and its personnel are operating at 98%.

Meanwhile in Chicago, as the recovery still continues, a rival gang meeting has been scheduled. One of the main gang leaders Victor Gasso is on his way to this meeting along with his bodyguard D. As they walk through the underground train station, D just disappears. All of a sudden Firefly is holding a knife to Gasso's throat. Firefly has been contracted by Emil Tannen to take out all the other gang bosses. Before anything can happen between Gasso & Firefly, Snake-Eyes appears.

A fight between Snake-Eyes and Firefly begins.

As they fight, Gasso calls on his cell phone for his support to come save him. At one point Firefly is disarmed. But then steals Snake-Eyes second sword. As Gasso's gang members arrive and open up with their guns. Firefly and Snake-Eyes switch to fighting the group of gang members. After most are taken out, Firefly sets of an explosive that causes part of the underground station to collapse allowing him to escape from Snake-Eyes. Gasso survives.

Back at The Rock, Gen. Colton and the rest of Joes are planning on how to proceed in stopping the crashing satellites. They have figured out that ground based radio antennas are being used to control these satellites. Colton is ready to expand the Joe team and they are going to attack these large ground based radio antenna that have been used in crashing the satellites. Colton is waiting for permission from the President.

The President prevents Colton from expanding the team, and attacking these radio antennas. Mostly because they are in foreign countries and the attack could be perceived as an act of war, which the President isn't willing to do and reminds Colton that GI Joe is to remain covert. So plan B is instated. And plan B is to use a 27 radio antenna array in New Mexico to counteract the other antennas that will be used to crash more satellites.

Destro is talking with Wingfield about his possible discovery as the man in charge of the crashing satellites and how his failure may happen soon now that GI Joe is on the right path. Wingfield tells Destro the next step of his plan. And that step is to bring down several satellites at the same time in multiple locations. Destro offers, for a price, to help aid his cause by keeping GI Joe of his back. Destro's plan is to use a platoon of upgraded B.A.T.'s, in an Iron Grenadier form, as a distraction.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.