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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: August 2005
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 2

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Storm Shadow, Gen. Colton & Duke interrogate the captured Baroness. The search for the reason or person behind the crashing satellites leads the Joe team to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, where they discover a connection to M.A.R.S. Hawk is upset about the crashing satellites and is positive that Cobra Commander is behind the plots. Hawk demands that Duke go find out where Cobra Commander is at.

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Notes of Interest

Contains: a three page preview of Snake Eyes Declassified coming out in August. Stalker makes a reference to Blaine Parker aka Mainframe. (see Marvel GI Joe #4 & Image/DD Front Line series #11-14 for more history on the Vance Wingfield and his family)

Major Players

Joes: Joe Colton, Duke, Storm Shadow, Stalker, Hawk, Flint, Roadblock, Shipwreck Cobra: Baroness Other: Vance Wingfiel

Creative Team

Written by: Joe Casey, Pencils by: Stefano Caselli, Inks by: Andrew Pepoy, Colors by: Sunder Raj with Carsten Bradley, Lettering by: Steve Seeley, Edited by: Mark Powers, Associate Editor: Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

Another satellite has crashed into a major area of the United States. This time it's Silicon Valley, and the crashing satellite creates a firestorm that has killed thousands.

At The Rock, General Colton, Duke & Storm Shadow visit with the captured Baroness. This is the first time that Storm Shadow is facing the Baroness since his return to the GI Joe team. Of course, she reminds him of how he has turned against the Joes before and will do it again. Storm Shadow directly confronts the Baroness, and asks her about the satellites. The Baroness refuses to give out any information, but Storm Shadow gains some information anyway. As they are leaving she screams out "Damn you - Where's my baby".

In the war room of The Rock, Stalker, Colton, Duke & Storm Shadow are watching the news reports about Silicon Valley. They are talking about how this kind attack differs from the usual power grab that Cobra was known for. Storm Shadow uses his inside knowledge of Cobra to find a link through some invoices to a place in Puerto Rico. The team is assembled and sent to the Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Duke makes a visit to Hawk, who is still wheelchair bound and very angry. Hawk is ranting and raving about the multiple crashing satellites. And that it is the work of Cobra Commander. Hawk accuses Duke and the Joe team of doing an incompetent job. Duke calms him down, but Hawk in his obsessed way, requests that Duke act where he can't and go out and find Cobra Commander.

In a flashback to Montana years ago, an unknown person sitting tied to a chair is being beaten by Vance Wingfield of First Strike. First Strike was an organization that the GI Joe team crushed back towards the beginning of the Joe & Cobra war. His wife supposedly killed the leader Vance Wingfield, in order to save her son. Now in the present, Wingfield, wheelchair bound and definitely not healthy or sane, has survived and somehow gotten control of the satellites in orbit. And is the one who has crashed the two satellites into Chicago and Silicon Valley! Wingfield receives a message from M.A.R.S. (Destro's family company) that the President has recommissioned the GI Joe team.

In Puerto Rico, Flint, Roadblock, Storm Shadow, Stalker & Shipwreck make an attack on a group of guerilla fighters that are stationed around the observatory. Flint in his usual, revenge for Lady Jaye mode, watches one of the guerillas die that he just knifed. Storm Shadow using his swords takes out several other guerillas all at once. The team gains access to the command center of the observatory. Shipwreck brings up the point that it could be another group other then Cobra responsible for the crashing satellites. Storm Shadow agrees but stills sees connections to Cobra. Roadblock and Shipwreck are still worried about Storm Shadow's commitment to the Joe team; Stalker puts a stop to their talk. Using the center's computer, they discover that M.A.R.S. technology has been used. Stalker calls The Rock to reach Duke. They respond with "Commander Hauser is unavailable he's taken an unofficial leave."

Duke is using his rank to gain access to a records department where he discovers the information he is looking for. The next step is that he is on a military plane under a Priority One Classified mission, and he jumps out alone over his intended destination.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen.