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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: July 2005
Series: G.I. Joe: America's Elite
Issue Number: 1

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The Joe team has a meeting lead by General Joe Colton to clarify how their team will operate. Shipwreck expresses doubts about Storm Shadow's inclusion on the team. Scarlett goes on an individual mission to investigate a Cobra agent, Cesspool. Destro with his son Alexander & Wraith are now operating out of a nuclear submarine, called the The Cataclysm. And finally, the Baroness returns but as a captive of the Joes.

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Notes of Interest

July, 2005

The Baroness & Wraith return.

Return of Cesspool. (See Marvel issues #123 - #125)

Major Players

The Joe Leader: General Joe Colton

The Joe Team: Duke, Flint, Roadblock, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Storm Shadow

Cobra: Baroness, Cesspool, Cesspool's Wife (unnamed), Destro, Alexander Destro, Wraith

Creative Team

Written by: Joe Casey, Pencils by: Stefano Caselli, Inks by: Andrew Pepoy, Colors by: Sunder Raj with Carsten Bradley, Lettering by: Steve Seeley, Edited by: Mark Powers, Associate Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Stefano Caselli, Sunder Raj

Cover D: Nelson Blake, Rhys Yorke Cover E: Sunder Raj

Full Details

General Joe Colton has gathered the entire Joe team together for a meeting at there base, The Rock. He outlines some of the information about the satellite that hit Chicago. He also mentions that the team is to remain covert, and that Scarlett, Roadblock, and Shipwreck's public appearance at ground zero in Chicago has caused them to confiscate 12 different cameras. The Joe's mission is to discover who crashed the satellite into Chicago. Colton gives them some leads and tells them to go find more. As the meeting is wrapping up, Shipwreck expresses his doubts about Storm Shadows inclusion on the team. Colton puts a quick end to it, by saying "enough of you have vouched for Storm Shadow... and if the man is willing to take the same risks as the rest of us... as far as I'm concerned, that ends the argument."

Scarlett approaches Snake-Eyes, she points out to him that there are no promises between them but she asks him to be careful. Snake-Eyes responses with a loving gesture and they part.

In the Pacific Ocean, on The Cataclysm, which is an M.A.R.S. nuclear submarine, Destro has created his new base of operations. From his mobile seat of power he can handle all of M.A.R.S. business in safety. Wraith is present. His son Alexander Destro informs him that "Premiere Zero" account has made additional request, Destro acknowledges that if the lunatic wishes to escalate his operations, M.A.R.S. will be able to profit from it. Alexander also informs Destro of the reinstatement of the Joe team, and that they have been busting up Cobra cells, and investigating retired operatives and protected individuals. D! estro sets a plan in action by leaking some of his information in order to take advantage of any opportunity that may arise. He then retreats to his bedroom, where he promises to the Baroness, whom he believes is dead, to honor her until his death.

In Massachusetts, Scarlett is on a solo mission to investigate Cesspool. There is a brief radio conversation with Stalker about how Snake-Eyes has gone on a solo mission without checking in, but Stalker has his own ways of keeping tabs on him. Scarlett sneaks into the house, she discovers Cesspool in bed dying of cancer, a direct effect of his messing around with toxic waste. Scarlett approaches the bed, and Cesspool's wife sneaks up on her from behind. Then begins a furious fight in which Scarlett does some serious damage to her. Just as it appears that Scarlett has won t! he fight, three "kids" approach her talking about how she has hurt mommy. These "kids" remove there rubber masks and reveal themselves as robots.

Back at The Rock, Colton and Duke approach Storm Shadow. They express how his "enigmatic stranger" act can't continue, how he is still a question mark, and yet to still earn their trust. But they need him and his knowledge from his days working closely with Cobra Commander. They are about to put him to his first test. Storm Shadow responses by asking for ways to prove he is an ally.

They then proceed to go into the depths of The Rock, where a prisoner is being held. That prisoner is the Baroness. And Duke and Colton expect Storm Shadow to help in getting more information out of her.

Back in the main levels of The Rock, Stalker is tracking another incoming satellite. And this one is headed for the West Coast.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen