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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: September 2006
Series: Scarlett: Declassified
Issue Number: 1

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Scarlett learned martial arts starting at age 9, went to collage at an Ivy League school, she passed the bar and became a lawyer, she entered the Army, proved herself in combat, went to FBI Academy and was sent on an undercover mission against a pre-cobra Destro. General Austin and General Flagg proposed her to Hawk, who then recruited her onto the GI Joe team.

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Notes of Interest

One-shot, 48 pages, 4.95 cover price.

Scarlett tells Snake-Eyes' her story on the Staten Island Ferry. This takes place in GI Joe Declassified #1. Scarlett's martial arts background is clarified. Scarlett's difficulties with her sister are clarified. Stalker and Hawk recruit her into the GI Joe team.

Major Players

The Joe Team: General Flagg, General Austin, Hawk, Sparks, Stalker, Snake-Eyes

Scarlett's family: Father, Mother, sister Sioban, and three brothers Cobra: Destro Additional pictured Cobras: Cobra Commander, Baroness, Firefly, Major Bludd, Zartan Additional characters: Scarlett's Intel gathering squad: Wells, Dino, Monzon, Dove, McCormick, Billings, FBI Agent Connor Murphy, IRA Liam Morgan

Creative Team

Writer: Mike O'Sullivan, Artist: Phil Noto, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Military Advisor: Phil Kost, Special Thanks to Robert Rodi, Brian Torney and Mark & Patti O', with Gratitude and Appreciation to Larry Hama

Full Details

On the Staten Island Ferry, Scarlett says "you sure you want to hear all of this?"

And so the narrative of Scarlett's life begins.

Shana Mae O'Hara, the youngest of 5 kids was raised to be a fighter in her father's dojo. She started at age 9 and continuously trained with her three older brothers. Her father taught all of the O'Hara children to respect each and their selves. He also taught that if they failed they had to get back up and try again, every time. It was a great time in Scarlett's life, with the exception of her sister. Her mother felt that Scarlett should have been pursuing more ladylike activities, and her sister was jealous of Scarlett's relationship with her father. It is the reason they never really got along.

As Scarlett's fighting career as teenager progressed, the entire family supported her, she was good and winning a lot. That success turned into cockiness. She also became distracted by boys, movies and spending time with friends. To prove a lesson, her father challenged her to a spar. She was pretty much humiliated by him, because she not able to land one punch or kick. He then reinforced to her that pride is a dangerous thing, and that there is always going to be someone bigger and faster that can take her down a peg or two. He also reinforces that she has to learn to relax her need to control life. Later, her father was in a car accident that leaves him paralyzed. Scarlett's need for control of her life grows; just as her father tries to teach her a lesson that one can't control life, only themselves.

She went on to study pre-law at an Ivy League school. After graduating, she successfully passed the bar and became a lawyer. But she didn't like being a lawyer; she didn't feel like she was making difference. So she joined the Army where the regimented discipline and controlled environment really appealed to her and she flourished. Basic training Fort Jackson, Advanced Individual Training at Fort Hauchuca, Airborne School at Fort Benning and at Fort Bragg where she was practicing alone several soldiers came in to test her. The main one, named Wells, calls her Scarlett, from Gone from the Wind, she immediately tosses and pins him to the ground. Wells didn't last but the name did.

In a simple Intel gathering mission in a friendly territory, the first hummer in the vehicle convoy is damaged by an RPG and a fire fight erupts. The soldiers in the damaged Hummer are separated for the rest of the squad and injured. In the middle of the firefight, Scarlett does cartwheels to cover the distance between vehicles to help rescue her fellow injured soldiers. In the middle of the firefight, she realized that she couldn't control everything and finally realized the lesson her father had been trying to teacher during the final sparring match before his accident.

Later, she spent some time at Marine Sniper School and with the British Special Air Service. Finally, to end up at the FBI Academy at Quantico where she introduced to her new best friend, the cross bow.

Scarlett later discovered that General Austin and General Flagg had discovered her and were considering her for the Special Counter Terrorist Group Delta. And because of her potential General Flagg and Sparks got her into a lot of the different training programs that helped make her one of the founding members of the GI Joe team.

Scarlett continues her story.

The FBI send her on an undercover mission with another agent named Connor Murphy, a former IRA agent turned informer, in Ireland. A shipment of super high tech laser rifles were captured during a routine raid in San Diego, and the shipment were traced to Dublin and the IRA. But the manufacturer is a complete mystery.

And Scarlett's mission is to discover who the manufacturer is. And before leaving for Dublin she is briefed by General Austin about the specs of the laser rifles. So for the next few months, she and Connor pub crawl, meet and greet, build credibility and trust until they meet Liam Morgan, a self called righteous terrorist. So Scarlett has been reporting back to Sparks on a regular basis with her progress.

After being involved with several terrorist attacks, Liam leads Scarlett and Connor, along with a couple of others, to this mysterious manufacturer. This manufacturer walks up to them and says "we must address a situation within your own ranks, specifically, the young lady here". Scarlett's cover is blown. Connor immediately knocks Scarlett on the back of her head knocking her out. And a couple of the IRA agents take her away and tie here up.

The manufacturer then has his Iron Grenadiers begin firing on Connor and Liam and the rest of the IRA agents. Scarlett having recovered knocks out her two guards, retrieves her crossbow and makes here way to the courtyard where the firefight is happening. The manufacturer has captured Connor and Liam and is about to execute them. Scarlett using her arrows kill the Iron Grenadiers. The manufacturer impressed with Scarlett's abilities introduces himself as Destro. Scarlett gets her hits in, and handles a big Destro's punch. In the middle of the fight, Destro sends his wrist rockets into Liam and fellow agent Connor killing them. Destro disappears during the explosion.

Back in the States, Scarlett is sitting listening to Hawk and Stalker de-brief her on the information she gained on Destro and his company Military Armament Research Syndicate (M.A.R.S.). And how that information has lead to them discovering a number of Destro level terror threats with unknown names. The pictures that are on the table are of a blurry Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Firefly, Major Bludd and Zartan. They purpose that she become a member of the GI Joe team.

After consulting with her father, who tells her that "but after all that has happen you got back up and that's what you needed to do... and now ready to be re-forged into the person you're meant to be". She calls Hawk and says, "I'm Ready, Sir. Count me in."

A few weeks later she is on the Staten Island ferry talking with her future life long love Snake-Eyes telling him the story of her life. She looks at him and says "now tell me yours." (See Snake Eyes Declassified)

Summary by Josh Eggebeen