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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: September 2005
Series: Snake Eyes: Declassified
Issue Number: 2

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Tommy Arashikage (Storm Shadow) finds Snake-Eyes drinking in bar and offers to help him by allowing him to join his family business. Snake-Eyes then is saved from an apparent suicide attempt by the man who would become Cobra Commander. Which then sends the two of them on a crime spree that climaxes with a confrontation in front of Judge Mitchell Tate where Snake-Eyes chooses not to kill him, and Cobra Commander does. It is the moment that drives Snake-Eyes to join Tommy in Japan.

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Notes of Interest

August 2005, Six Issue Mini Series Significant events:

The first time Snake Eyes meets Cobra Commander.

Cobra Commander's face is shown.

Cobra Commander's brother is revealed to Snake-Eyes as the man who drove the car that killed his family.

Major Players

Snake Eyes, Tommy Arashikage (Storm Shadow), Cobra Commander Additional characters: Judge Mitchell Tate, Kimi

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa, Pencils: Emiliano Santalucia & Robert Atkins, Colors: John Rauch, Letters: Steve Seeley, Senior Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Cover: Emiliano Santalucia & Jeremy Roberts

Full Details

After a bar fight, Snake-Eyes is about to be kicked out, when Tommy Arashikage (Storm Shadow) enters to buy him a drink. Tommy points out to Snake-Eyes that he is better then this lost wandering soul that he has become since his return from Southeast Asia. Tommy offers Snake-Eyes an opportunity to come live with him in Japan, and be part of his family business, the Arashikage Ninja Clan.

Snake-Eyes turns down the offer, but as Tommy leaves, he reassure Snake-Eyes, his friend, that the offer is still open, and always will be.

When Snake-Eyes leaves the bar, he stands in the middle of the road as a semi-truck is barrelling down on him. He isn't going to get out of the way. A guy tackles Snake-Eyes to prevent him from being hit by the semi-truck.

The guy, who is actually the man who will become Cobra Commander, then offers Snake-Eyes a ride and begins to tell him his story. Cobra Commander has just come from an interview for a job that he didn't get. He explains how he is ready to get out of the grind of working society. As they arrive in Snake-Eyes' home town, a couple of drug dealers approach them, this really angers Snake-Eyes, and he and Cobra Commander beat up the drug dealers, stealing their money. This leads them on a path of vigilantly crime. They attack an Arizona landscaper hiring illegal immigrants, a Denver slum lord, they collect money for these jobs, also they regularly steal money from thieves, all as the part of the beginning of a revolution to take back freedom and safety for the people. Cobra Commander loses sight of his goals whenever money is involved, and Snake-Eyes begins to see a transformation happening to him. This transformation bothers him but he doesn't know what to do.

Cobra Commander leads Snake-Eyes into a home invasion. This home is owned by Judge Mitchell Tate. This judge is the judge who convicted Cobra Commander's brother. They confront him at gun point.

Cobra Commander's brother was a war veteran who had opened a halfway house. This house was burned down by a stoned out vet. The bank came after his brother, and in the trial the jury found him innocent of starting the fire. But the judge overruled the jury's decision and the bank took everything from his brother, this drove him to drink, and was the cause of his brother dying in a drunk driving accident. Cobra Commander explains all of this to the Judge and Snake-Eyes at the same time. Snake-Eyes makes the connection that Cobra Commander's brother was the man driving the car that killed his mother, father and twin sister.

Cobra Commander pulls out another gun, and hands it to Snake-Eyes encouraging him to rid the world of the sickness in which this judge is a part of. Cobra Commander has set up this entire situation, having tracked down Snake-Eyes, tracked down the judge, going on the vigilantly spree and now placing Snake-Eyes in the situation of executing a man who played a part in causing both of them so much pain. Cobra Commander wants revenge and he wants Snake-Eyes to take revenge, also.

Snake-Eyes holds the gun to the judge, Cobra Commander encourages him, again, to kill the judge but he turns the gun on Cobra Commander. So they stand there each holding a gun toward each other with the judge in between them.

Snake-Eyes pulls the trigger, click, it is empty. Snake-Eyes has failed Cobra Commander, the Commander then just executes the judge. Now holding the gun on Snake-Eyes, he tells him to "Get out my sight. And know this; no matter where you go, someday we will meet again and on that day we'll see if you finally understand what needs to be done. Won't we, brother." Snake-Eyes runs off.

Later, Snake-Eyes visits his family's grave, where he promises to follow the right path and then heads to Japan to join Tommy.

Upon his arrival, he receives a very warm welcome by the man who will become Storm Shadow.

Summary by: Josh Eggebeen