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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2004
Series: Convention Specials & Misc. Comics
Issue Number: Poster Special

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Poster book.

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Notes of Interest

Folds out into thirteen posters, each approximately 20" by 13".

Major Players

G.I.Joe and Cobra.

Creative Team

See Below.

Full Details

Contains the following posters:

  • G.I. Joe Team by J. Scott Campbell & Hi Fi
  • Storm Shadow vs. Snake-Eyes by J. Scott Campbell & Udon
  • Storm Shadow vs. Snake-Eyes by Mike Zeck, John Beatty, and Hi Fi
  • Flint & Baroness by Tim Seeley and Hi Fi
  • Cobra Viper by Tim Seeley, Clayton Brown & Udon
  • Firefly by David Michael Beck
  • Serpentor by Michael Turner
  • Girls of G.I.Joe by Tim Seeley, Cory Hamscher & Brett R. Smith
  • Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow by David Michael Beck
  • Forces of Destro by J. Scott Campbell & Hi Fi
  • Kamakura by David Michael Beck
  • Zanya by Francis Manapul, Cory Hamscher & Studio Din&Mita
  • Cobra by Tim Seeley and Val Staples