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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: 2008
Series: Convention Specials & Misc. Comics
Issue Number: Fire Safety

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A full 22 page comic (32 pages with ads) featuring the Joe team learning about fire safety, the role of fire departments and general life safety tips.

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Notes of Interest

Also printed in English and Polish. Created thanks to a grant from FEMA. Safety review pages and a quiz as well as many tips throughout the book. Contains a series of references to the old and new 12" Joes, including the title of the comic, the appearance of a 60's Crash Crew Truck, and characters lines including names of various fire playsets ("Mysterious Explosion", "Red Alert Rescue", etc.) Originally planned with Heavy Duty instead of Roadblock.

Major Players

Joes: Snake Eyes, Inferno, Scarlett, Duke, Tunnel Rat, Roadblock Other: Ember the Fire Dog, Madeleine, Derek, Mom, Dad & three Fire Departments from the suburbs of Chicago

Creative Team

Writer: Andrew Dabb, Pencils: Joe Abraham, Nate Lovett, Mark Englert, Michael Bills, Inks: Mark Englert, Nicholas Nix, Nate Lovett, Colors: Rob Ruffolo, Wes Dzioba, Letterers: Crank!, Brian J. Crowley & Pavel Nurzynski, Design: Sean K. Dove, Translators: Joshua Fritz & Lucas Mroz, Editors: Joshua Fritz & Brian Torney, Cover: Chris Lie, Nicholas Nix & Rob Ruffolo, Key Contributors: PJ Bickett & Josh Blaylock, Project Manager & Originator: Stan Koy, Published by: Devil's Due Publishing, Inc, Created by: Kunoichi Incorporated, Made possible by: FEMA

Full Details

The Joe team (Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Inferno, Snake Eyes and Tunnel Rat) are in the Chicago suburbs returning from a mission against Cobra (featuring 200 foot tall Cobra Commander robots, Storm Shadow clones and Destro's heat cannon) when they see a fire engine. Scarlett remembers to pull over to the right to let the engine pass, then Inferno decides they should follow it to see if they can assist. At the burning house, Snake Eyes flips up to the roof and saves a boy from the inferno. An hour later, the fire is out and Duke and Inferno suit up to investigate the cause of the fire. Inferno points out the necessities of the gear and the fan to vent out the building. Inferno points out the smoke detector and the battery. Outside, Tunnel Rat shares a snack with Ember the dalmation, the department mascot. A young girl, Madeleine, recounts her memories of the fire, remembering the family meeting place and to get the neighbor to call 911. Back at the firehouse, Duke reviews the tips we've learned so far. In a trivia section, the original purpose of the Dalmation is explained. At the firehouse, a woman stops by asking for assistance installing a baby seat, one of the many things handled by the fire department. The family, fire department and the Joe team share dinner. Derek, the young boy, tells his story about the fire, mentioning that he thought his dad was just making his 'special' porkchops again. Derek adds a few more safety tips, including checking the door with the back of his hand and crawling to avoid the smoke. A fireman tells his side, mentioning the V.E.S. procedure, meaning Vent, Enter and Search. Back at the fire inspection, the inspector notes the cause of the fire as a hot oil fire, and reminds us to turn off the stove. Now, for a little review with Roadblock, covering everything from the last section and a bit more information about the protective gear worn by a fire person. An alarm sounds at the station, and Tunnel Rat joins Engine 102 for the ride, responding to the scene of a car accident. As they have that under control, they get a call to respond to 45 Lampkin Lane (childhood home of Halloween's Michael Myers). They go on to respond to a variety of emergencies, teach fire safety and even rescue a cat from a tree. Duke sees a familiar looking fire truck (the Crash Crew Truck) at the station as Tunnel Rat returns, exhausted from his trip and states that after a day like that "Battling Cobra Commander robots and Storm Shadow clones looks easy!" Scarlett reviews a few more tips, and when the team returns to The Rock, Tunnel Rat is quick to remember to change the battery in the smoke alarm!