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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2005
Series: Convention Specials & Misc. Comics
Issue Number: One-Shot

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Snake-Eyes, Jinx, Nunchuk & Scarlett receive a mysterious message about the lost Scroll of Tokagura, and this scroll leads to the Jewel of Amaterasu, and is a part of the Arashikage Clan history. Snake-Eyes interrogates Soga of the Omikana Clan, the clan of ninjas that have just attack them by mistake. Soga tells the history of scroll and just before he is killed by a sniper gives them the Scroll of Tokagura. The Arashikage Clan members plus Scarlett follow the scroll's directions to a temple where Snake-Eyes performs the Kata, which grants them access to the Jewel. Soga returns after having faked his death and steals the Jewel just before Snake-Eyes can get to it. Later, after Kamakura & Storm Shadow have joined with the Snake-Eyes & Jinx, they attack Soga (who is really the leader of Nichira Clan) at his headquarters. After a major battle between the Clans, Soga is killed, and the Nichira are defeated. Storm Shadow takes the Jewel of Amaterasu to a place near the top of Mt. Fuji to hide it so no man can ever find it, again.

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Notes of Interest

Digest sized, 5 inches by 7.5 inches, black and white, 122 pages.

Major Players

Arashikage Clan: Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Kamakura, Jinx, & Nunchuk + Scarlett

The Enemy: Soga of Nichira Clan

Additional Ninja Clans: Nichira Clan, Omikana Clan, Iga Clan Additional Characters: Heavy Duty, Angelo (deceased), Dreadnoks: Zarana & Thrasher

Creative Team

Story: Josh Blaylock, Art: Chris Lie, Tony Tamai, Anthony Spay, Ramanda Kamarga, Dove McHargue, Letters: Marshall Dillon, Cover: Susan Luo, Editors: Mark Powers, Mike O'Sullivan, Graphic Design: Evan Suit, Marshall Dillon

Full Details

Arashikage Clan history: Centuries ago the Jewel of Amaterasu was bestowed to the Emperor's general, who formed a clan to protect this Jewel, that clan became the Arashikage Clan. Omikana Clan were the fierce rivals of Arashikage Clan until Bakufu (Japan's ruling military class) lead by Oda Nobunaga began squashing the Ninja clans, including the most powerful one Iga. After years of war, the Omikana Clan disappeared & the Arashikage Clan became farmers. The Jewel of Amaterasu allows the user to harness all chi that surrounds them, the force of life itself. This Jewel is so powerful and dangerous that it had to be hidden and protected for centuries. Omikana Clan & Arashikage Clan formed a truce and a pack to hide the Jewel of Amaterasu from the powerful Nobunaga and men like him. The Omikana Clan would hide & protect the Scroll of Tokagura, which identifies the temple the Jewel is at and the Arashikage Clan would pass on the living map called the Kata (a series of secret fighting moves) that reveal the actual placement of the hidden Jewel once at the correct temple. The Kata is so secret that if any non Arashikage Clan member ever saw it they would have to be killed.

Summary At the Omikana Ninjadera Museum, a tour of an old temple is being lead by a funny tour guide. Two of the tour members sneak off to a closed part of the temple. Where they rip open a part of the floor revealing the Scroll of Tokagura, then they kill the tour guide & make off with the Scroll. On the side of the scroll is the symbol of the Arashikage Clan.

Snake-Eyes & Scarlett meet up with Jinx & Nunchuk in Kyoto, Japan after receiving a strange message about the Scroll of Tokagura. Scarlett asks where Storm Shadow is and Jinx responses with "I couldn't get a hold of my traitor cousin." After meeting up, they head off unaware they were being watched.

In Chicago, Heavy Duty is pinned down by Zarana & Thrasher, he has just interrupted a deal going on with a street gang leader named Angelo. Angelo and his bodyguards are quickly & mysterious taken out. Then Thrasher is knocked out as is Zarana. Kamakura has shown up to save Heavy Duty. Just after this is finished Kamakura receives a message to leave for Togakushi.

Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Jinx & Nunchuk are in Jinx's condo in Shiga, Japan. Out of nowhere they are attacked by an unknown group of ninjas. Each Joe fights and wins their battle. Snake-Eyes' Arashikage arm tattoo is revealed during the fighting. One of the ninja's notices the tattoo and stops fighting claiming to be from the Omikana clan, friends of Arashikage Clan. Soga, the ninja who is captured, begins to tell the history between the Omikana Clan & the Arashikage Clan. And the truce they made to hide the Scroll of Tokagura and the power behind it. Just as Soga is finished with his history lesson he is shot by a sniper, but just before dying he gives them the Scroll. Jinx looks at the map on the Scroll, which sends them to a closed Omikana temple in the Togakushi Mountains.

The Joes arrive at the temple in full battle mode. They have a discussion about where Storm Shadow is and can he be trusted. The temple is empty. They find the mirror that is the starting point for the Kata. Before Snake-Eyes starts the Kata, Scarlett is blindfolded to protect her. The rules of the Kata state that once it has begun it can't be altered no matter what is in the way. As Snake-Eyes performs the super secret Kata he is forced to kick through several statues, and finally after many maneuvers the Kata has returned him to his starting spot which was facing the mirror. The final action is in the Kata is the dragon fire, a series of extremely fast punches. Snake-Eyes does the dragon fire directly into the mirror, the mirror is destroyed, and it sets off a chain reaction that opens a hole in the floor.

Inside the hole is a couple of large statues of dragons and in the hand of the dragon is the Jewel of Amaterasu. Just as Snake-Eyes approaches an arrow flies by him. And Soga, returning from the dead, reveals himself at the top of the hole in the floor. He drops a knock out gas inside the hole. Soga takes the Jewel from Snake-Eyes hand. As he returns to the top of the hole, Kamakura has arrived to fight him and his clan's ninjas. Soga escapes in the middle of the fight with the Jewel.

The Arashikage clan members arrive at Jinx's ski lodge to regroup. Kamakura tells them about the mysterious message to come to Tokakushi. Which none of the group sent to him. Nunchuk also reveals he has a pretty serious wound that needs attention. So as they enter the lodge, a figure is all ready sitting inside.

Storm Shadow has been waiting for them. Snake-Eyes immediately attacks, but Storm Shadow quickly avoids and pleads for them to listen. Jinx reassures Snake-Eyes that Storm Shadow still values the Arashikage Clan very highly, and they should listen.

Storm Shadow explains: The Nichira Clan had been a former ninja clan that became focused on corporate and financial gains. That has recently changed. Soga is actually the leader of the Nichira Clan, not the Omikana Clan, and the mysterious message, the fake attack, the fake death, and getting Snake-Eyes to perform the Kata, where all part of the plan so Soga could get the Jewel of Amaterasu. Storm Shadow had figured a lot of this out and was able to stay one step ahead of the rest of the Arashikage Clan.

At the Nichira headquarters, Soga has gone through the ritual of the Jewel of Amaterasu. He now wants to test his new power. He asks for challengers. None of his clan steps forward. But Storm Shadow does.

As Storm Shadow and Soga fight, Jinx, Snake-Eyes & Kamakura are scaling the outside of the high rise. Soga keeps trying to use the power during the fight, and nothing happens. Storm Shadow bests him, and gives him a chance to redeem himself. Instead, Soga orders his clan members to kill Storm Shadow. Still the power of Jewel of Amaterasu escapes Soga. Storm Shadow reveals that he was able to get the Jewel before his clansmen and replace it with a fake. And that fake, which is the one Soga has around his neck, contains explosives that are activated by a button on Storm Shadow's sword. Which he pushes causing the explosive to go off killing Soga. The rest of the Arashikage Clan arrive just as the Nichira Clan is attacking the solo Storm Shadow.

A serious battle takes place as the Arashikage Clan members try to fight there way out of the building. After Snake-Eyes makes a hole in the floor to escape to a lower level, and in a very dramatic fashion clears out a stairway filled with Nichira. They are then completely surrounded, Snake-Eyes is seriously injured & there is no escape.

Just as the Nichira Clan is about to finish off the Arashikage Clan, the top part of the building explodes. Snake-Eyes, Kamakura & Jinx are knocked out and awaken outside the building. Storm Shadow had the real Jewel of Amaterasu all along and used its power to save them. Snake-Eyes and Nunchuk's wounds were instantly healed, and all of the Nichira Clan members are gone.

At Mt. Fuji, Storm Shadow stands near a very large hole. This hole is created using the power of the Jewel. He then buries the Jewel of Amaterasu in the hole and commands the Jewel to conceal itself. All of this in order to prevent men like Soga and Cobra Commander from ever getting to use the power of the Jewel of Amaterasu.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen