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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: Spring 2009
Series: Convention & Retail Comics
Issue Number: Direct to Cobra 2

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Lady Jaye & Lt. Falcon are interrogating the recently captured Hotwire. Munitia is sent in by Cobra Commander to rescue him and the box that Hotwire created. She succeeds only after a deal is made with Lady Jaye.

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Notes of Interest

Introduction of Specialist (Matt) Trakker into GI Joe, he is the man in charge of M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand)

Dossiers: Lady Jaye, Munitia, Specialist (Matt) Trakker, Night-Vipers, Cobra Officer (Wayne Stone)

Major Players

GI Joe: Airtight, Hard Drive, Lt. Falcon, Lady Jaye, Lightfoot, Outback, Sci-Fi, Specialist (Matt) Trakker

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Cobra Officer (Wayne Stone), Copperhead, Hotwire, Munitia, Slice

Additional Characters: General Reinwright

Creative Team

Story: David S. Lane Writer: Greg Sepelak & S. Trent Troop Pencils: Sheldon Goh Inks: Josh Warner Colors: Thomas Deer & S. Trent Troop Letters: Jesse Wittenrich Managing Editor: Pete Sinclair Editor in Chief: Brian Savage

GI Joe Dossiers: Writers: David S. Lane, Brian K. Mulholland Pencils: Sheldon Goh Inks: Josh Warner Colors: Thomas Deer

GI Joe vs Cobra Creative Director: Lanny Lathem

DTC Edition Cover: Tim Seeley with colors by Thomas Deer

Published by : Fun Pub Comics

Full Details

At Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, Lt. Falcon and Lady Jaye are interrogating the recently captured Hotwire and his mysterious box. (see Part 1)

On Cobra Island, Munitia has just been captured on purpose and is basically applying for a job with Cobra Commander directly. On Munitia's resume are former employers Red Shadows, V.E.N.O.M., the KGB, Chinese Government, the October Guard and Baron Ironblood. When the Commander is talking about Ironblood he is cut off by an incoming transmission from Hotwire. Hotwire has a cell phone receiver planted in his skull, so Cobra can hear everything in the room.

In the room, Lady Jaye is trying to cut deal with him, if he opens the box he gets to do his prison time in a military research lab. In Hotwire's response he gives away the his location to Cobra Commander. The Commander's response is "tell them nothing a rescue party is on the way".

Cobra Commander turns to Munitia, who has been listening in, and offers her the job of rescuing Hotwire and his box.

At the base, Airtight and Outback are analyzing the box, helping by remote and displayed on screens are Sci-Fi, Hard Drive, Lightfoot and Specialist (Matt) Trakker of M.A.S.K. They bounce around lots of ideas of how to defuse the multiple trigger device that if set off would blow them all up and a good section of the Air Force base with it.

Later, outside the base a van with a lady and several men pulls up to a supposedly scheduled meeting with base commander General Reinwright. After a heated argument with the guard the General arrives and Munitia, in disguise, hits him with a tazer gun and her Cobra soldiers, also in disguise, take out the guards. They then proceed to cut the power & communications of the base.

In the interrogation room, Hotwire has been playing funny games as the lights go out. Lt. Falcon and Lady Jaye immediately jump into action to safe guard their prisoner. As Lady Jaye walks out into the dark hall, two Night Vipers are in the hall also. She catches them off guard and shoots one as she ducks around the corner. When she sticks her gun out to return fire it is shot out of her hand by Munitia. Munitia then begins to talk to Lady Jaye about being recruited into her company offering big bonuses and lots of work. In the dark hallway, Lady Jaye runs around another corner and gains access to a hanger as Munitia follows.

Lt. Falcon is hiding behind the door as a Cobra Officer and a Night Viper enter the room. He quickly knocks out the Night Viper, but before he can attack the Cobra Officer that Officer takes off his helmet claiming to be Wayne Stone of the CIA. It makes Falcon hesitate which was all the Officer needed before knocking out Falcon. He then says to Hotwire, "I can't believe that worked."

As Munitia enters the hanger Outback and Airtight are waiting and hiding as a Night Viper and Cobra Officer Stone along with Hotwire join her. A gun fight between them all erupts. Lady Jaye sneaks up on Munitia and hits her with a stick that knocks off her helmet. A furious fist fight happens between them as Outback and Airtight hold back the other Cobra soldiers. Hotwire speaks up to stop the fighting and wants to make a deal. Munitia stops fighting Lady Jaye and again offers her a chance to work for her. Lady Jaye refuses but they cut a deal that allows Hotwire to leave with his box and Munitia helmet.

Airtight had figure out the box, using Munitia's momentarily lost helmet. Airtight was able disarm the EMP bomb and take what he thought was important. But what he takes out transformers from a case into a small BAT that starts firing away as the Joes all take cover.

It turns out that the power supply for the case, which what Airtight thought wasn't important was actually the most important part of the box. Later, as Hotwire reunites with Copperhead. He informs Cobra Commander that all is well and he is on his way.

Much later back on Cobra Island, Munitia has been offered a job in a special unit which she accepts and Cobra Commander walks out to show off his new Cobra armor suit created by Hotwire and powered by the power supply the Joes lost.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen