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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: Spring 2009
Series: Convention & Retail Comics
Issue Number: Direct to Cobra 1

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Scientist Hotwire is delivering a package to Cobra with Copperhead as the agent who is picking it up. Joe team members, Outback, Airtight, Lt Falcon lead by Lade Jaye are sent in to intercept the package. Airtight is able to capture Hotwire and the package as Lt. Falcon & Outback fight off Copperhead and Dreadnok Demolisher.

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Notes of Interest

Dossiers included: Lt. Falcon, Airtight, Outback, Copperhead & Demolisher

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Major Players

GI Joe: Airtight, Lady Jaye, Lt. Falcon, Outback, Shipwreck, Topside

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Copperhead, Demolisher, Dr. Mindbender, Hotwire, Munitia, Tele Viper Williams, Tomax, Xamot and Slice & Dice

Creative Team

Story: David S. Lane Writer: Greg Sepelak & S. Trent Troop Pencils: Josh Warner & Jamie Tyndall Inks: Josh Warner Colors: Thomas Deer & S. Trent Troop Letters: Jesse Wittenrich Managing Editor: Pete Sinclair Editor in Chief: Brian Savage

GI Joe Dossiers: Writers: David S. Lane, Brian K. Mulholland Art: Evan Gauntt, Josh Warner

Cover art: Dan Khanna with colors by Thomas Deer

Full Details

On Cobra Island, Tomax & Xamot are reporting to Cobra Commander about a troop shortage and because of a no fly zone over Cobra Island the troubles they are having supplying their Cobra troops around the world. They purpose to Cobra Commander he buy from a scientist named Dr. Klaus Magnus alias Hotwire a mechanized computer program that with help control the BATS better and improve the Commander's favorability rating, at least according to Extensive Enterprises research. Cobra Commander agrees and sends Copperhead to pick up Hotwire and his package and bring it back to Cobra Island. Later on the GI Joe Whale, Lade Jaye is briefing Shipwreck Airtight, Outback, Topside and Lt. Falcon about there mission to intercept Copperhead from picking up the package from Hotwire. Lt. Falcon, Airtight and Outback are tasked with capturing Hotwire and the package. She warns them that Hotwire is known for setting booby traps with explosives, chemical weapons and biological agents. So they all have to very careful. Shipwreck, Topside, along with herself and Cutter are going after the transport ship that most likely will be near the location of Hotwire's lab in the Florida Everglades.

Airtight, ever the prankster, has been picking on Shipwreck, recently he put itching powder in his uniform, which really pissed off Shipwreck. As a fight almost starts between them, Lt. Falcon breaks it up, Airtight sticks out his had to shake hands and when Shipwrecks grabs it he is shocked by a electric joy buzzer he has in his hand. Lt. Falcon, confiscates the buzzer and the itching powder.

Outback is leading Airtight and Lt. Falcon past snakes and alligators as they make there way to Hotwire's lab. When a particular looking snake is just sitting on branch. Outback cuts its head off and sees that it is actually a robot snake with a camera. The Joes cover has been discovered by Hotwire.

Inside the lab, Copperhead and a Tele Viper named Williams, are their to escort Hotwire to Cobra Island. Hotwire informs them of the Joes presence. Copperhead is ready for a fight, he orders the Vipers with him to prepare to attack the Joes. Tele Viper Williams informs him that the mission is to retrieve the package and Hotwire not get in the fight. Copperhead doesn't care he wants to start a fight.

As the Joes observe the lab, Copperhead order the Vipers to attack. Lt. Falcon quickly takes out two, as Outback takes out two more. Airtight makes a break for the lab to capture Hotwire. The battles rages outside as Airtight enters the lab. Hotwire fires at him, but Airtight quickly & easily captures him. But one of Hotwire's booby traps is triggered. A bomb secured to the wood floor starts ticking down. Airtight puts Hotwire next to the bomb and asks him how to disarm it.

But Airtight grabs a can of acid and burns the floor away around the bomb and then throws it out into the Cobra Water Moccasin that is the escape vehicle.

Copperhead, Tele Viper Williams and a Viper are circling the Joes when Dreadnok Demolisher arrives to help. Lt. Falcon throws a grenade that allows Outback to grab onto Copperhead's boat. Demolisher jumps of his chameleon sled and wraps his arms around Falcon. Outback kicks the Viper from the boat and fires at Copperhead. Tele Viper Williams jumps from the boat as it crashes into some land. Copperhead and Outback are thrown from different sides of the boat.

Demolisher much stronger and bigger has Lt. Falcon trapped. But Lt. Falcon uses Airtight's itching powder to escape his grasps by blowing it into his face. Demolisher jumps back on his sled and takes of sneezing and mostly blind.

Outback recovering from the crash, answers Lade Jaye's call. Her team has successfully destroyed Copperhead's transportation back to Cobra Island. He reports to her that Hotwire and his package have been captured. And they are waiting for pick up by the Whale.

In another part of the Everglades not to far away, Tele Viper Williams and Demolisher have meet up. When Copperhead comes charging out of the brush to scream at Williams "Tell me your communication rig is still working" Back on Cobra Island, Cobra Commander hears of Copperhead's failure. Just as he is about to explode someone knocks on the door. Enter Munitia surrounded by several Vipers and a Crimson Guard. Apparently, she had snuck onto the docks and presented her resume when captured.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen