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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: GI Joe Con '11 / Fall 2011
Series: Convention & Retail Comics
Issue Number: 4

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Steel Cobra has kidnapped Dial-Tone and dares Captain Claymore to rescue him. Claymore puts together a team and heads to Brazil, knowing he is heading into a trap.

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Notes of Interest

Story Notes of Interest
First appearance of Comandos em Ação member Sparta and Cobras Trigger, Lightning, and Steel Cobra.

Major Players

GI Joe: Dial-Tone, Captain Claymore, Wet-Suit, Leatherneck, Sgt. Mainframe Additional GI Joe Appearances: Gen. Hawk Comandos em Ação: Sparta Cobra: Steel Cobra (Cobra de Aco), Trigger, Lightning Other characters: Hector Ramirez, Little Yuez

Creative Team

Story - David S. Lane Writers - Greg Sepelak & S. Trent Troop Pencils - Sheldon Goh Inks - Jase Isenberg Colors - Josh Perez & Jesse Wittenrich Letters - Jesse Wittenrich Managing Editor - Pete Sinclair Editor in Chief - Brian Savage Creative Director - Lanny Lathem

Retail Cover: Tim Seeley, Colors - Evan Guan

Full Details

Anchorman Hector Ramirez addresses his listening audience before studio cameras. He has received video footage of a Brazilian Cobra operative known as "Steel Cobra", who claims that he has a member of G.I. Joe as his prisoner. The unseen prisoner yells out his serial number as Steel Cobra punches him. The chrome-faced villain issues a challenge to Captain Claymore to come find his captured teammate.

Somewhere in Malaysia, Claymore is watching the threat on TV he receives a call and agrees.

7 hours later he walks into General Hawk's office in The Pit. Claymore has retired but Hawk suggests that Duke's team take the rescue mission but Claymore tells him that he has a history with this Steel Cobra and all he needs is some teammates and he will rescue Dial Tone.

Hawk agrees.

At the Comandos em Ação base in Brazil, Captain Claymore, Sgt Mainframe, Wet Suit and Leatherneck arrive to meet Sparta. A very talkative red head who is going to be leading them to the Steel Cobra. She briefs them on the Steel Cobra or otherwise known as Cobra De Aco. He is a Cobra super-elite soldier almost exclusively operating in South America. He is deadly in hand to hand combat, an expert marksman with his laser rifle and she doesn't have a hard fix on his location. Claymore isn't concerned, he believes Cobra de Aco will have a small force of highly training soldiers around him as compared to a whole platoon. She walks up to Mainframe and flirts with him and he responds. Wet Suit interrupts but Sparta makes one last remark that dismisses Wet Suit and affirms her attraction to Mainframe. They pack up and head out to begin the search.

At some unknown facility in the Brazilian Amazon, Steel Cobra is taunting the beaten up Dial Tone but he just laughs and taunts back.

The 4 man Joe team are rushing across a bridge over a canyon with a river flowing at its bottom. The Cobras Lighting and Trigger below in a red Water Moccasin have orders to separate the Joes from Claymore. So they shoot apart the bridge. In the rear, Wet Suit & Leatherneck fall into the river below as Mainframe and Claymore able to hold on and begin climbing up to safety.

After being washed down stream Leatherneck and Wet Suit climb up on shore just as the Cobra patrol boat comes around a corner firing at them. Leatherneck fires a grenade at them as Wet Suit dives under the water to attack the boat with just a knife. Wet Suit attaches some explosives to the boat which was damaged by Leatherneck's attack. Leatherneck is shot in the shoulder as fires another grenade, the explosives cripple the boat, with a direct hit destroying it. Lighting gets dragged underwater by Wet Suit, who holds his breath for longer but gets stabbed in the leg. Lighting drowns.

When Lightening surfaces Trigger rushes to his aid allowing Wet Suit to reconnect with Leatherneck and they make there escape.

Above them Claymore and Mainframe hear the explosions and hope their teammates are winning. Mainframe receives by radio from Sparta a compliment on his looks and the GPS coordinates of Dial Tone. Claymore is even more determined now to confront Steel Cobra. Later as they are walking several native men with spears surround them. Turns out this is a tribe in which Claymore has had relations with before he even knows one of the warriors who was just a boy when he last he saw him. They do some trading and they give them directions to the base that Dial Tone is being held at.

Later hiding near the base a Cobra patrol drives by not seeing them. Mainframe separates to go find a good spot to block all radio traffic. As he makes his way to high ground he comes into a clearing an sees a Cobra soldier with long red hair kneeling next to a communications terminal. Mainframe immediately attacks but it turns out to be Sparta in disguise. She was working on the same idea so they team up. They are spotted and the diversion works.

Claymore busts through the fence, kills a couple of the guards, sets up some claymore mines near the garage with the vehicles and makes his way into the building where Dial Tone is being held.

After finding the room, he kills the guards to find a very beat up Dial Tone and Steel Cobra is waiting. He fires his laser rifle but Claymore predicts the shot and moves punching Steel Cobra. They begin a hand to hand fight that Claymore wins. Mainframe & Sparta drag Dial Tone to safety as Claymore triggers his mines. An entire garage explodes causing a chain reaction. Leatherneck & Wet Suit show up with mini tank Armadillos to help support Claymore's escape and they ride off as the complex continues to explode.

Steel Cobra's hand is seen under the collapsed structure shaking.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


Convention Version:
GI Joe Convention Edition Cover & Program was released with the figure set and available to purchase only at the 2011 GI Joe Convention in Orlando, FL.

G.I. Joe Convention Program Contents Schedule of events for 5 days, Wednesday Mar 30th - Apr 3nd. Frequently Asked Questions Special Guests: Hank Garrett (voice of Dial-Tone) and Morgan Lofting (voice of Baroness) Seminars and Panels description.

Descriptions of Joelebrities: Kirk Bozigian (Hasbro Executive, retired), Larry Hama (Writer, GI Joe comic creator), Bob Prupis (Hasbro Exective, retired), Rod Whigham (Artist, GI Joe comic), Sam Speers (Hasbro Designer, retired), Sam Petrucci (Hasbro Designer, Retired), Jerry Einhorn (Hasbro Exective, retired), Norman Jaques (Hasbro employee for 46 years)

Retail Version:
The retail version removes any convention information and adds in character profiles.