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2009 G.I. Joe Convention Program Edition

Crimson Reign

Short Summary

The Baroness recruits a group Vipers to be her personal bodyguards. A combined group of soldiers fight these Vipers an attempt to capture the Baroness and stop Cobra from controling a uranium mine.

Major Players

GI Joe: Starduster

Additional Joe Appearances: Big Brawler, Recondo, Lifeline

Action Force: Blades

Comandos Heroicos: Shimik, Manleh, Redmack, Topson, Glenda

Cobra: Baroness, Tomax, Xamot, Viper Troopers (Drake, Weston), Ninja-Ku

Creative Team

Story by David S. Lane
Writers: Greg Sepelak and S. Trent Troop
Pencils - Sheldon Goh
Inks - Josh Warner and Alejandro Sicat
Colors: Thomas Deer, Josh Perez, Winston Bolen and S. Trent Troop
Letters - Jesse Wittenrich
Managing Editor - Pete Sinclair
Art Director: Lanny Lathem
Editor in Chief - Brian Savage
GI Joe Con Edition Cover: Greg Horn

Notes of Interest

GI Joe Convention Edition Cover & Program was released with the Crimson Strike Team GI Joe figure set and available to purchase only at the 2009 GI Joe Convention in Kansas City.

G.I. Joe Convention Program Contents
Schedule of events for 5 days, Wednesday Aug 12th - Aug 16th.
Frequently Ask Questions
Seminars and Panels description.
Guest of Honor: GI Joe The Rise of Cobra actor -- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Heavy Duty)

Descriptions of Special Guests::
Larry Hama (Writer, GI Joe comic creator), Kirk Bozigian (Hasbro, retired), Greg Berndtson (Hasbro Designer, retired), Sam Speers (Hasbro Designer, retired), Sam Petrucci (Hasbro Designer, Retired), Greg Horn (Artist), Larry Selman (Hasbro package art designer)

Story Notes of Interest
This is part of the original continuity.
Introduction of Blades from Action Force.
Introduction of Commandos Heroicos: Shimik, Manleh, Redmack, Topson, Glenda
Introduction of Starduster from the GI Joe Team.
First Appearance of Ninja-Ku.

Long Summary

A Viper is attacked by GI Joe's Recondo, Lifeline and Big Brawler. The Viper is shot by Recondo and presumed dead.

A month later the Viper, named Drake, is still recovering in bed when the Baroness arrives to offer him a new life, a life better then any Cobra Commander can offer him. A special life.

Later in Patagonia, Argentina, Tomax and Xamot are talking to a group of elite soldiers that are all some kind a former Cobra Viper. And all presumed dead. They are given the option of becoming part of a team of the Baroness' bodyguards. As the team is dismissed, Viper Drake speaks with the Baroness about her safety. The Baroness is wearing her traditional leather outfit but this time entirely in red not her normal all black. Her response is that she knows what she is doing. And reminds him with affection that he is very special.

One week later in London, Action Force member Blades, having just miss a major drug bust, is able to recover some gold. After analysis the gold show traces of uranium. This type of uranium is only found in Argentina. Blades requests permission to contact the Comandos Heroicos team, Argentina's GI Joe/Action Force equivalent.

One day later in Patagonia, Argentina, Blades is dressing as a Viper attacks him, but hiding in the corner is a Redmack of the Comandos Heroicos. Redmack grabs the Viper and begins beating him up.

Several hours later, Redmack and Blades having gained really vital information from the Viper are assembling together with Manleh, Topson, Shimik and from the GI Joe team Starduster, Glenda is out on patrol in her helicopter. Redmack was able to get out of the Viper what Cobra plans to do with the uranium from the mine. At the mine, Viper guards are watching slaves work as the Baroness on a big screen shouts propaganda at them.

The joint forces being there attack. Topson scrambles the communications, Redmack disables the power, Starduster and Manleh fly in their JUMP Jet Packs to start fist fighting all as the elite Vipers begin fighting back.

Viper Drake leads two other Vipers against Manleh and Starduster. Two the of Vipers are killed and Viper Drake is able to escape. Up in the air Blades and Glenda are battling against a HISS tank. But Redmack is successful to disabling the tank as Blades destroys it.

Inside the mine, the Baroness gets the word that the defenses are falling. So she along with the Crimson Twins decide to evacuate. They release their Crimson Attack Helicopter, which immediately is able to shoot down Glenda. As the battle rages outside the mine, Blades is able to land and chase the Baroness. She enters an office where Viper Drake, bloody and exhausted, is recovering. Blades comes rushing in to attack and Viper Drake jumps in front of his bullet, which was intended for the Baroness. Now with no bodyguards left Blades tries to arrest her, but Ninja-Ku comes out of nowhere to knock out Blades.

The Baroness leans over the dying Drake and reminds him that he is special and she then makes her escape.

Outside the sky battle is really intense, Starduster and Manleh on there JUMP Jet packs are circling the Cobra helicopter. Manleh is able to move in close and disable the controls which causes they helicopter to crash.

The battle is over and Viper Drake, who is almost dead, is being loaded into an ambulance. When Blades asks him why he would sacrifice his life for the Baroness. His last word before dying is "special".

In another unknown place, Tomax and Xamot are giving the same speech to a whole new group of elite Cobra Vipers.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

Summer GI Joe Convention Edition 2009

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