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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: Summer '08 / Joe Con '08
Series: Convention & Retail Comics
Issue Number: 1

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The G.I. Joe S.W.A.T. team shuts down a Headhunters factory.

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Notes of Interest

First comic officially produced by the G.I. Joe convention.

Major Players

GI Joe: Sure Fire, Shockwave, Long Arm, Low Light Cobra: Bullhorn, Gristle, Hotwire

Creative Team

Written by Larry Hama, Story by David S. Lane, Pencils - Evan Gauntt, Marlin Shoop, Ron Smith, and DAF, Inks - Eric Wolfe Hansen, Jake Isenberg, and Ron Smith, Color - Winston Bolen, Thomas Deer, and Josh Perez, Letters - Jesse Wittenrich, Managing Editor - Pete Sinclair, Editor in Chief - Brian Savage Diamond Edition Cover: Bob McLeod, Colors by Josh Perez, Rendered by Lanny Lathem

Full Details

In the capital city of East Timbale, Gristle leads an attack of the town with his Headhunters. Sure Fire observes him from a distance, while reconning with his informants. His informants spot a Cobra van enter a warehouse, and he instructs the Joe S.W.A.T. team to raid the building. Bullhorn rams the entrance with the R.T.V., drawing fire as the rest of the team enters through the skylight. Low Light, Shockwave, and Long Arm quickly enter and meet with Bullhorn, and drive through to a rear room.

Once inside, the S.W.A.T. team finds B.A.T.S assembling weapons mudules. Surmising that the only other man in the room, Hotwire, is controlling the B.A.T.S, they move in to strike. Unfortunately, Hotwire barricades himself and orders the B.A.T.S to attack the Joes. Low Light and Shockwave attempt to break into Hotwire's room while Bullhorn and Long Arm dispatch the B.A.T.S in the R.T.V.

Back on the street, Sure Fire alerts his informants that Gristle and the Headhunters are apporaching their position.

Back in the warehouse, Low Light and Shockwave finally break into Hotwire's room just as he activates more B.A.T.S. The Joes pursuade Hotwire to deactivate the B.A.T.S.

Sure Fire alerts the other Joes to evacuate the warehouse. As Gristle arrives in the Rage tank, Sure Fire's informants convince Gristle to open fire on the factory, demolishing it. As the smoke clears, the Joes drive past a confused Gristle. Hotwire emerges from the rubble in his Mech, quite annoyed.

Summary by Phillip Donnelly


Convention Version:
The issue also contains the convention map, itinerary, information on guests of honor, and the filecard for Sky B.A.T. (v1) (2008).

Retail Version:
The retail version removes all convention information and adds the following dossiers: CID Commander - Sure Fire, GI Joe SWAT Team: SWAT Squad Leader - Shockwave, SWAT Bomb Technician - Long Arm, SWAT Vehicle Driver - Bullhorn, SWAT Sharpshooter - Low Light Cobra: Hotwire, Gristle