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Jumbo des Super-Heros
GI Joe

In 1985, EH (Editions Heritage) began packaging multiple different French language Marvel comics together. Usually six individual issues would be bound together in a Trade Paperback type of book. Combinations like the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, The Amazing Spider-Man and of course GI Joe would all be together. Most of these comics would also have a half issue story of another character like Thor or the Fantastic Four and it would all be contained within the one issue of ComicOrama.

The GI Joe comics were from the French Heritage series of translations that came out of Quebec, Canada. These issues also carried a secondary half issue story, which was usually the Daredevil storylines from 1970.

It is unknown how many GI Joe comics appeared in ComicOrama or when the first GI Joe issue was bundled into the trade paperback. Although issue #283 is confirmed to contain GI Joe issues #20 & #21.

When GI Joe was on the cover it was not the actual Marvel issue contained within the book.

Here are the five issues available to view.

Issue #282
Issue #283
Issue #284
Issue #286
Issue #295
Issue #297

Les Meilleures Aventures Des Super-Heros en Francais #7088 & #7002

An odd comic, #7088, that is printed by the same publisher EH and kind of appears to be part of ComicOrama run. It has a concurrent Spider-Man story starting with #297 and a GI Joe French Heritage issue that takes place between #284 & #295. There are lots of questions about this trade paperback.

There is also another trade paperback that appears to be from the same series. This one, #7002, contains the first three issues of the Hertiage version of the Marvel run.

Issue #7002
Issue #7088

Special Thanks to Richard Anderson.
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