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YoJoe ID: CMC-FUN-1982-GIJOECOL-11, VOL 18

Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: November 2010
Series: Collector's Club Monthly
Issue Number: 11, Vol 18

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Several toys are highlighted with a focus on the "Pursuit of Cobra" Shock Trooper and a retrospective review of Steeler, a member of the original thirteen Joes, is included. In part nine of the comic "The Adventures of Big Lob", the title character, Tunnel Rat and their new Iron Grenadier friend attempt a brazen escape from Destro and a contemporary dossier of Overlord is also provided.

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Notes of Interest

The tale of Big Lob is Fun Publication's first "A Real American Hero" comic strip of note within the pages of the G.I. Joe Collector's Club magazine.

Another first: the dossier of an Adventure Team member, "Mike Triumph", the Commander, is presented in printed comic book form. The character of Mike Triumph is based on the original "Adventure Team Club Commander", fictional leader of the Adventure Team Fan Club of 1970. He was even portrayed by an actor for a photo shoot in the same year. Overlord is of special interest to A.R.A.H. enthusiasts, as the design of the 1990 3 3/4" toy was originally intended to represent the character as a clone of Cobra Commander; his distinctive facial features are based on the 12" Hall of Fame Enemy Leader and share the same with the unmasked 3 3/4" (v.9) Star Brigade figure from 1994.

Major Players

G.I. Joe: Big Lob, Tunnel Rat

Iron Grenadiers: General Mayhem, Iron Grenadier (Scott) V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem): Miles Mayhem

Creative Team

Writer: Jesse Wittenrich Pencils: Dan Khnna Inks: Lanny Lathem Colors & Letters: Jesse Wittenrich Story Editor: David S. Lane Managing Editor: Pete Sinclair Publisher: FP Publishing

Editor-in-Chief: Brian Savage Content Manager / Editor: David S. Lane Creative Director / Layout: Lanny Lathem Additional Content: Pete Sinclair, Brian K. Mulholland Proofreader: Heather Choplin Dossier Artist: Sheldon Goh Dio-Story Writers: Dave Pisani, Tod Pleasant Contributing Writers: Thomas Wheeler, Jesse Wittenrich

Full Details

Cover (page 1): Preview image of the Collector's Club exclusive 3 3/4" Adventure Team Sea Adventurer with Sea Wolf II mini-sub.

Page 2: An explanation of the cover, contents and the creative team credits are represented on this page.

Page 3: The "Hasbro: Figure Spotlight" centers around the 2011 "Pursuit of Cobra" 3 3/4" Shock Trooper action figure. John Warden, Hasbro's Design Manager, gives extensive inside information about the character, concept behind it, and years it took to bring this particular design to reality.

Page 4: The "G.I. Joe Comic Review" covers details of IDW's "A Real American Hero" #156, written by the "Godfather" of G.I. Joe, Larry Hama, which picks up the continuity from where the series finished in 1994 with Marvel as its publisher.

Page 5: The "Action Figure Review" goes over the Collector Club's treatment of the 3 3/4" Adventure Team Commander, and his place in the A.R.A.H. mythos.

Page 6: The "G.I. Joe Club Dossier" exposes some of the history of "Mike Triumph", the 1970's Adventure Team Commander, including censored snippets of information about his covert military background.

Page 7: A torn page from the "Journal of Mike Triumph" (c. 1975) gives the reader a glimpse of his mission into the jungles of Brazil, as he prepares to face his latest foe, the young Dr. Venom. Pages 8-9: Toys "Available from the G.I. Joe Collector's Club!" are displayed. This is mostly a repeat of the previous advertisements placed in the last six monthly issues, but now represents the 2010 3 3/4" Convention boxed figure set, "Vacation in the Shadows".

Page 10: The "Hasbro: Figure Spotlight" article concludes its preview of the Cobra Shock Trooper figure with a look at his weapons and other accessories.

Page 11: The "12" Flashback Review" fondly examines a 12" Hasbro figure no longer available on the mass market, the 2005 "Marine Amphibious Assault Training" soldier, complete with climbing net.

Pages 12: The "Figure Review" explores the history of Steeler, the M.O.B.A.T. driver. The character's animated Sunbow air-time is covered; Hasbro's use of his original 3 3/4" mold including his Action Force counterpart of the same name; and his various 3 3/4" incarnations.

Page 13: An updated dossier of Overlord (based on the 2006 v.2 Convention toy), detailing his new role as the leader of his secret, subversive army, the Coil.

Page 14: The "2011 Membership Figures!" are unveiled, the 12" Man of the Sea and the 25th Anniversary 3 3/4" Dial-Tone.

Page 15: In the "Regular Joes" series, the Commander's ongoing search for more recruits gains Hasbro's notice, and they send him a special delivery package.

Page 16: "The Adventures of Big Lob" gains momentum as Lob, Tunnel Rat and Scott, the defecting Iron Grenadier, have successfully escaped from their cell. Now the three men find themselves in the laundry room, with access to the enemy's uniforms. Suited up, they attempt to make their way unobserved through an assembly of Iron Grenadiers. Meanwhile, on the stage ahead, General Mayhem congratulates Miles Mayhem (the leader of V.E.N.O.M., a sub-unit of Cobra), on his latest M.A.R.S. purchase. . . This story continues in the next monthly issue.

Summary by Sean Eley