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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: June 2010
Series: Collector's Club Monthly
Issue Number: 6, Vol 18

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Several toys are highlighted, including the A.R.A.H. "Pursuit of Cobra" line. The ongoing photo dio-story "The Hunters and the Hunted" continues with Part 11. There is a dossier of Big Lob, a G.I. Joe reservist. Part four of the comic "The Adventures of Big Lob" features the arrival of Tunnel Rat to aid his best friend.

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Notes of Interest

The tale of Big Lob is Fun Publication's first "A Real American Hero" comic of note within the pages of the G.I. Joe Collector's Club magazine and is a part of the Disavowed (Devil's Due Publishing) continuity. There is also a retrospective review of Dreadnok Torch.

Also, the GIJoeCon 3 3/4" Souvenirs page features new versions of figures well known to British and European collectors based off the Action Man and Action Force lines overseas.

Major Players

G.I. Joe: Big Lob, Law and Order, Tunnel Rat Iron Grenadiers: Undertows

Creative Team

Writer: Jesse Wittenrich Pencils: Dan Khnna Inks: Lanny Lathem Colors & Letters: Jesse Wittenrich Story Editor: David S. Lane Managing Editor: Pete Sinclair Publisher: FP Publishing

Editor-in-Chief: Brian Savage Content Manager / Editor: David S. Lane Creative Director / Layout: Lanny Lathem Additional Content: Pete Sinclair, Brian K. Mulholland Proofreader: Heather Choplin Dossier Artist: Sheldon Gosh Dio-Story Writers: Dave Pisani, Tod Pleasant, Justin Bell Contributing Writers: Steve Stovall, Thomas Wheeler, Jesse Wittenrich

Full Details

Cover (page 1): Art by Evan Guantt, featuring Cobra's chief intelligence officer, the Baroness.

Page 2: An explanation of the cover, contents and the creative team credits are printed on this page.

Pages 3-4: "What's Happening Hasbro?" showcases the 3 3/4" "Pursuit of Cobra" figures and vehicles for Fall 2010, including the Toys R Us exclusive Spirit and Quick Kick, Alpha Vehicles and Mech Suits.

Page 5: The "Review" covers the 2010 12" Convention Set: "Escape from Spy Island". This exclusive was a tribute to an older vintage toy "Secret Mission to Spy Island", but contained many new accessories; for example: a robotic shark with tracking device.

Pages 6-7: The feature 3 3/4" photo dio-story "The Hunter and the Hunted" pt. 11 ramps up as the G.I. Joe S.W.A.T. team and Argentina's "Comandos Heroicos" attack the top secret research lab under the control of Gristle and his Headhunters, just as he was beginning to negotiate with Tomax and Xamot. Sgt. Shimik is wounded during the assault, as a Headhunter Stormtrooper opens fire on his gun station at the side of the S.W.A.T. R.T.V. At stake is the repossession of Dr. Matt Trakker's unique metallic alloy, and the Joes dare not fail . . . The story continues in the next monthly issue.

Pages 8-9: Toys "Available from the G.I. Joe Collector's Club!" are displayed. This is a repeat of the previous advertisement placed in the May issue.

Pages 10-11: The GIJoeCon 2010 3 3/4" and 12" souvenirs are shown. Among these are the "Action Force" sets, Z-Force 3 pack and Q-Force 2 pack; and we are presented with the first mini-figure of Natalie Poole, Action Man's girlfriend. Also included are the rare Red Shadows Staff Car and the enemy's Secret Base.

Page 12: The "Figure Review" covers the history of Dreadnok Torch both as a Hasbro action figure and as a character in the Marvel / Devil's Due comic universe, as well as the Sunbow animated series.

Page 13: The first dossier of Big Lob (based on the 2010 Official G.I. Joe Collectors' Club membership exclusive figure), a G.I. Joe reservist who specializes in artillery and made a major impact in the 1987 G.I Joe animated movie.

Pages 14-15: The "Regular Joes" 12" figures are visited by their lawyer (the two Joes didn't even know they had a lawyer), who is not happy with their recruitment of Strawberry Shortcake, the launching of sharpened pencils from their jeep's recoilless rifle and other toy-related issues.

Page 16: "The Adventures of Big Lob" begins with the two Undertows now prisoners of Big Lob and Law. The two Iron Grenadiers reveal that Destro has big plans in Mission City. Hawk wants Big Lob to investigate the sewers further, while Law and Order return to base with the Cobra files. The General sends in Tunnel Rat to help the G.I. Joe reservist, and the E.O.D. expert brings along "Fiona", the "Lobster's" favorite grenade launcher . . . This story continues in the next monthly issue.

Summary by Sean Eley