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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: May 2010
Series: Collector's Club Monthly
Issue Number: 5, Vol 18

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Several toys are highlighted, including the new 'Resolute' 7-packs and a history of the '70s' Adventure Team. The ongoing photo dio-story "The Hunters and the Hunted" continues with Part 10 and a dossier of Road Pig, the Dreadnok. Part three of the comic "The Adventures of Big Lob" leads to the sewers of Mission City and an encounter with Destro's Undertows.

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Notes of Interest

From the collection of Sean Eley.

The tale of Big Lob is Fun Publication's first "A Real American Hero" comic of note within the pages of the G.I. Joe Collector's Club magazine and is a part of the Disavowed (Devil's Due Publishing) continuity.

There is also a retrospective review of Kamakura, an important figure in Devil's Due's comics and the animated "Sigma 6" series.

Major Players

G.I. Joe: Big Lob, Law and Order Iron Grenadiers: Undertows

Creative Team

Writer: Jesse Wittenrich Pencils: Dan Khnna Inks: Lanny Lathem Colors & Letters: Jesse Wittenrich Story Editor: David S. Lane Managing Editor: Pete Sinclair Publisher: FP Publishing

Editor-in-Chief: Brian Savage Content Manager / Editor: David S. Lane Creative Director / Layout: Lanny Lathem Additional Content: Pete Sinclair, Brian K. Mulholland Proofreader: Heather Choplin Dossier Artist: Dan Khanna Dio-Story Writers: Dave Pisani, Tod Pleasant, Justin Bell Contributing Writers: Barry Kay, Thomas Wheeler, Jesse Wittenrich

Full Details

Cover (page 1): Art by Ray Alma, depicting the Man of Action in "Escape from Spy Island".

Page 2: An explanation of the cover, contents and the creative team credits are included on this page.

Page 3: "What's Happening Hasbro?" reveals the new G.I. Joe: Resolute 7-packs of 3 3/4" figures based on the cartoon series.

Page 4: A "Special Feature" details the history of the G.I. Joe Adventure Team, commenting on the vintage 12" line, limited editions, the updated "Adventures of G.I. Joe" figures, 3 3/4" sets, reproductions, ornaments, and convention exclusives.

Pages 5-7: The feature 3 3/4" photo dio-story "The Hunter and the Hunted" pt. 10 proceeds with the Headhunter's takeover of the government's top secret research lab in the Colorado mountains. The evil scientist, Hotwire, has just completed the production of 6 prototype B.A.T.s infused with Dr. Matt Trakker's stolen metallic alloy. Meanwhile, a joint special missions force comprised of the G.I. Joe S.W.A.T. team and Argentina's "Comandos Heroicos" have slipped onto the compound. At the same time, the Tomax and Xamot and their Crimson Strike Team Vipers arrive. They've been ordered to retake the facility and the experimental armor compound from Gristle and his Headhunters by force, but they're willing to bargain, if it means the Crimson Guard benefits from it. Gristle reluctantly agrees… The story continues in the next monthly issue.

Pages 8-9: Toys "Available from the G.I. Joe Collector's Club!" are displayed. This is mostly a repeat of the previous advertisements placed in the February, March and April issues, but now represents the new 3 ¾" Adventure Team toys with accessories, including the very first Dr. Venom action figure.

Pages 10-11: The "Special Feature" article concludes the history of the Adventure Team.

Page 12: The "Figure Review" covers the history of Kamakura, the ninja creation of Devil's Due Productions, within the pages of their G.I. Joe: Real American Hero comic. The resulting 3 ¾", 12" and 6" toys and animated appearances in the C.G.I. movies and Sigma 6 series are also discussed.

Page 13: An updated dossier of the odorous Road Pig (based on the 2004 Convention toy), the Dreadnok enforcer.

Pages 14-15: The "Regular Joes" comic features a gathering of the 3 ¾" figures within their owner's home, as they discuss the arrival of the new Adventure Team figures that share their size. Will these "reinforcements" prove to be loyal to them, or will they join with their 12" alter-egos? The new arrivals have ideas of their own. . .

Page 16: "The Adventures of Big Lob" finds Lob, Law and Order lost under the sewers of Mission City, where they discover a duo of Destro's Undertows searching for misplaced keys in the slime. A swift toss of Lob's grenade complimented by a cheerful basketball expression clears the drain system of the enemy . . . This story continues in the next monthly issue.

Summary by Sean Eley