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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: April 2010
Series: Collector's Club Monthly
Issue Number: 4, vol 18

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Several new toys are highlighted, including the Collector's Club 2010 exclusive 3 3/4" action figure set: 'Vacation in the Shadows!' The ongoing photo dio-story "The Hunters and the Hunted" continues with Part 9 and, in addition, there is a Tiger Force dossier of Hardtop. Part two of the comic, "The Adventures of Big Lob" ramps up as Law and Big Lob begin their assigned mission.

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Notes of Interest

The tale of Big Lob is Fun Publication's first "A Real American Hero" comic of note within the pages of the G.I. Joe Collector's Club magazine and is a part of the Disavowed (Devil's Due Publishing) continuity. There is also a retrospective review of Dreadnok Buzzer.

Also, the Red Shadow "JoeCon 2010 Preview" set is based on characters created by Britain's Palitoy Company, an overseas licensee of Hasbro, back in the early '80s for their 3 3/4" "Action Force" line. An updated version of this menace would feature heavily in Devil's Due Publishing of "Rise of the Red Shadows" comic arc.

Major Players

G.I. Joe: Big Lob, Law and Order Cobra: Alley-Vipers

Creative Team

Writer: Jesse Wittenrich Pencils: Dan Khnna Inks: Lanny Lathem Colors & Letters: Jesse Wittenrich Story Editor: David S. Lane Managing Editor: Pete Sinclair Publisher: FP Publishing

Editor-in-Chief: Brian Savage Content Manager / Editor: David S. Lane Creative Director / Layout: Lanny Lathem Additional Content: Pete Sinclair, Brian K. Mulholland Proofreader: Heather Choplin Dossier Artist: Sheldon Gosh Dio-Story Writers: Dave Pisani, Tod Pleasant, Justin Bell Contributing Writers: Jesse Wittenrich, Thomas Wheeler, Patrick Kelly

Full Details

Cover (page 1): The new Club Exclusive 3 3/4" Adventure Team Commander is featured.

Page 2: An explanation of the cover, contents and the creative team credits are included on this page.

Page 3: "What's Happening, Hasbro?" reveals some of the "Pursuit of Cobra" action figure and vehicle packaging for Fall 2010.

Pages 4-5: The "GIJoeCon 2010 Preview!" begins with a look at the 3 3/4" convention 'Vacation in the Shadows!' collectors' set, comprised of the annual 15 major figures. This year's group is comprised of Flint (v.16), the Black Major, the Cobra Interrogator (v.4), 6 Red Shadows and 6 Red Torches. Meanwhile, the 12" 'Escape from Spy Island!' contains a Man of Action figure with a bounty of gear and accessories for his land / sea mission (for example, a fierce, robotic shark).

Pages 6-7: The feature 3 3/4" photo dio-story "The Hunter and the Hunted" pt. 9 gathers steam as an irate Cobra Commander discovers that he has been betrayed by Firefly to Gristle and the Headhunters, and that his drug-running adversaries now have his prime B.A.T. mechanic, Hotwire. The terrorist leader prepares for retaliation as he gathers his troops together. Back at Pit III in the Utah desert, General Hawk and Starduster have gathered together the forces of G.I. Joe, the U.K.'s international "Action Force" team, and Argentina's "Comandos Heroicos" ('Heroic Commanders'), due to the shared concern over the Headhunters' swift rise in the global criminal underworld, especially now that they have Dr. Matt Trakker's special metallic alloy which can be bonded to the exoskeletons of Cobra B.A.T.s… The story continues in the next monthly issue.

Pages 8-9: Toys "Available from the G.I. Joe Collector's Club!" are displayed. This is a repeat of the previous advertisement placed in the February and March issues.

Pages 10-11: The "Special Feature" discloses to model builders the various parts of a highly realistic low-orbit observation satellite for 12" scale action figures.

Page 12: The "Figure Review" covers the history of Dreadnok Buzzer both as a Hasbro action figure and as a character in the Marvel / Devil's Due comic universe, as well as the Sunbow animated series.

Page 13: An updated dossier of Hardtop (based on the 2004 Convention toy), the G.I. Joe team's Special Operations Engineer and the major developer of a highly effective, inexpensive fuel cell.

Page 14: The "Regular Joes" comic begins with bad news for the 12" Joes: Hasbro won't be sending them reinforcements at Toy Fair, which they visit every year with their owner. So, they choose to recruit 12" toys from within the house. They must have forgotten that their owner has a daughter who collects dolls with 8" heads and 4" bodies . . .

Page 15: Sgt. Slaughter returns, in this "G.I. Joe Exclusive". Two separate figures (based on the 1985 and 1986 v.1 and v.2 toys) of the Joe Marine drill instructor were slated for release at the July 2010 San Diego Comic-Con in 25th Anniversary design.

Page 16: "The Adventures of Big Lob" takes Lob, Law and Order to the outskirts of Mission City, where they are to gather information quietly, and leave everything as if they had never been there. They are also told to expect a completely disguised Cobra facility. Instead, the Snakes are blatantly obvious that their presence is within the building, as notes, hallway signs, posters and magazines all reveal the pride of the Cobra organization! The two Joes and their dog have snuck in easily enough, where they spy a couple of lackadaisical Alley-Vipers watching T.V. However, Law is more interested in looting the place than seeking information, and on the way out, Big Lob accidentally pulls the pin on one of his grenades, leaving it carelessly behind to explode! . . . This story continues in the next monthly issue.

Summary by Sean Eley