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Publisher: Fun Publications
Issue Date: March 2010
Series: Collector's Club Monthly
Issue Number: 3, vol 18

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The all-new format of the G.I. Joe Collector's Club continues in standard American comic book size (6 5/8" x 10 1/4" [17 x 26 cm]). Several new toys are highlighted and the next episode of the ongoing photo dio-story "The Hunters and the Hunted" is presented with Part 8. A dossier of Zartan is included as well as the comic, "The Adventures of Big Lob".

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Notes of Interest

From the collection of Sean Eley.

The tale of Big Lob is Fun Publication's first "A Real American Hero" comic strip of note within the pages of the G.I. Joe Collector's Club magazine and is a part of the Disavowed (Devil's Due Publishing) continuity.

There is also a retrospective review of Agent Helix, who will become a major player in IDW's Continuity comics. (See The GI Joe Special #1)

Major Players

"The Adventures of Big Lob" G.I. Joe: Big Lob, Law and Order, Brigadier General Hawk.

Creative Team

Publisher: FP Publishing

Editor-in-Chief: Brian Savage Content Manager / Editor: David S. Lane Creative Director / Layout: Lanny Lathem Additional Content: Pete Sinclair, Brian K. Mulholland Proofreader: Heather Choplin Dossier Artist: Sheldon Gosh Dio-Story Writers: Dave Pisani, Tod Pleasant, Justin Bell Contributing Writers: Jesse Wittenrich, Thomas Wheeler Review Photographs: Bill Buschbaum, Terry Wheeler

Full Details

Cover (page 1): New Red Shadows action figures and an Adventure Team robot shark are some of the highlights to be expected at the GIJoeCon of April, 2010 (which took place in Providence, Rhode Island).

Page 2: An explanation of the cover, contents and the creative team credits are included on this page.

Page 3: "What's Happening Hasbro?" features the "2010 Toy Fair Report". David S. Lane interviews Jeff Labovitz, Hasbro's Senior Brand Manager, regarding the "Pursuit of Cobra" and "Resolute" toy-lines for Fall 2010.

Pages 4-5: 3 3/4" "G.I. Joe Toy Fair Image Gallery" showcases the Wave 1 and 2 action figure assortment, as well as Wave 1 and 2 Alpha Vehicles for the "Pursuit of Cobra" line. Note of interest: new characters, Night Fox (latest driver of the A.W.E. Striker) and Dreadnok Storm Rider (the Doom Cycle biker).

Pages 6-7: The dio-story "The Hunter and the Hunted" pt. 8 continues with a flashback of the mayhem caused on a Rocky Mountain secret laboratory by Firefly and Cobra agents. Now, thanks to Firefly's double-cross, the Headhunters are in possession of the Colorado government research facility, with Gristle in command. Meanwhile, Dr. Matt Trakker, former leader of M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), is now on board the G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center where the Joes and Britain's international terrorist team, Action Force, have combined forces. It is revealed that the Headhunters have double-crossed Cobra and are using the research facility for their own nefarious purposes, thanks to the demented android scientist, Hotwire. He plans on infusing Battle Android Troopers with Trakker's special metallic alloy, thus enabling the Headhunter organization to rule the criminal underworld!. . . The story continues in the next monthly issue.

Pages 8-9: Toys "Available from the G.I. Joe Collector's Club!" are displayed. This is a repeat of the previous advertisement in the February issue.

Pages 10-11: The G.I. Joe "Toy Fair" Image Gallery concludes with the "Pursuit of Cobra" Wave 1 and 2 Bravo Vehicles, a Figure Spotlight of the new Jungle Viper, and the "G.I. Joe: Resolute" figure packs, featuring the main characters from the animated series.

Page 12: The "Figure Review" covers the history of the relatively new character, Agent Helix, who has a singular place in the Joe mythos. She was created by Electronic Arts for the "Rise of Cobra" video game, and became a 3 3/4 toy afterwards. Ten became regular character in the IDW comic continuity.

Page 13: An updated dossier of Zartan (based on the three 2004 Convention toys), dealing with his impersonation of Hawk, while the General served as the leader of the Joe's Tiger Force team.

Pages 14-15: The "Regular Joes" comic features the continuing mis-adventures of a vintage G.I. Joe Action Soldier figure and his balding Land Adventurer pal. The never-ending "war" rolls on against the 3 3/4 inch Joes as the 12" figures devise a plan to shrink themselves down to their enemies' size for infiltration. Naturally, there are technical difficulties…

Page 16: "The Adventures of Big Lob" begins. (The story probably takes place sometime before c. 1994, the time-frame for the shut-down of the G.I. Joe team by the Jugglers; seeing as Hawk is a Brigadier General [1 star] at this time, whereas he has been promoted to Lieutenant General by the time the events of Disavowed (Image/DDP) GI Joe #1 begin in 2001.) Law, the Joe's main military policeman, is pondering whether he should accept Airtight's online "friend request" on Twiddle, knowing what a mischief-maker the bio-hazard specialist is. Big Lob screams in delight at a pizza he is devouring (with his usual sports lingo dialect), and causes Law to accept the prankster's offer; a decision he immediately regrets. Brigadier General Hawk enters with a mission for the two men and dog (Order), but before he can finish, the Lob-ster is off and sprinting, spouting more sports analogies as he disappears out into the open air, leaving his stunned companions befuddled in his wake. . . This story continues in the next monthly issue.

Summary by Sean Eley