Heroes de TV: GI Joe

In 1987, 10 issues of the GI Joe Marvel series were published in Chile by Publigrama, a publisher owned by the multimedia Chilean company VTR. They were printed in Spanish and were not numbered individually on the cover.

The publisher listed the name of the comic as "TV Heroes" ("Heroes de TV"), then colon, GI Joe. Before the first Joe issue was published, the Transformers comic had been published by the same publisher up to issue #24, under the name "Heroes de TV: Transformers." It is most likely that the publisher simply changed the subtitle to GI Joe and continued with the original numbering from the Transformers series. So GI Joe's issues started at #25.

They corresponded to Marvel issues 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 31, 32, 33, and 34. Published in that order.

Issues 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46 had the standard copyright info in small font at the bottom of the page. All copyrights date to 1987. This information also identifies the first issue published (US #41) as issue #25. The remaining issues are numbered consecutively (42 is identified as issue 26, and so on). These six issues were printed in the lower-quality newsprint, which was the standard of most comics of the time, with no creative credits given. In fact, all of the creative team credit info was actually erased from the splash pages.

Issues 31, 32, 33, and 34 were printed in higher quality newsprint (similar to the whiter newsprint in which Sunday newspaper chain store ads and coupons are printed) and printed missing the small font at the bottom of the first page in issues reserved for the copyright information.

Only four of the ten issues are available to view.

Issue #25
Missing #26
Missing #27
Issue #28
Missing #29
Issue #30
Missing #31
Missing #32
Issue #33
Missing #34

Special Thanks to Rod Pellegrini & Richard Anderson.
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