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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: October 2005
Series: Battle Files
Issue Number: Data Desk 1

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Biographies of many G.I.Joe and Cobra characters.

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Notes of Interest

Cover is a homage to Marvel's G.I.Joe Yearbook #1.

Major Players

Narrated by General Joseph R. Colton (G.I.Joe)

Creative Team

Cover: Nelson Blake II, Don Figueroa, Jason Millet, Rhys Yorke, Design: Evan Sult, Written by: Sam Wells, Mike O'Sullivan, with Mark Powers and Evan Sult, Pencils: Nelson Blake II, Tim Seeley, Don Figueroa, Colors: Jason Millet, Art Lyon with Mike O'Sullivan, Research Assistance: Richard K.S. Baer & Kate Conrad, Many Thanks to www.yojoe.com & www.myuselessknowledge.com, with Respect and Gratitude to Larry Hama

Full Details

Entries for the following characters:

Joseph Colton, Duke, Flint, Roadblock, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Storm Shadow, Hawk, Lady Jaye, Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Dreadnoks (Ripper, Torch, Thrasher, Zanya, Buzzer, Road Pig, Zarana, Zandar), Firefly, Major Bludd, Alexander McCullen, Mistress Armada, Red Shadows (Wilder Vaughn, Dela Eden, Artur Kulik), Scrap Iron, Tomax and Xamot, Wild Weasel, Vance Wingfield, Wraith, Zartan

Schematic of The Rock, the team's base Listing of Reserve G.I.Joe Members