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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: November 2007
Series: Battle Files
Issue Number: Data Desk 2

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The Data Desk Handbook is a list GI Joe Team Members, their status and a bio. Additionally, the identified threats of Cobra and additional groups bios and status.All Data Desk entries are from the files of General Joseph Colton. The exception is the Phoenix Guard which were written by General Phillip Rey.

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Notes of Interest

Updated Data Desk Files: Baroness, Blackout, Destro, Flint, Gung-Ho, Alexander McCullen

Labeled Classified: General Rey

Major Players

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Creative Team

Written by Sam Wells, Mike O'Sullivan Pencils by Robert Q. Atkins, Mike Bear, Nelson Blake III, Art Lyon, Jason Millet, Greg Narvasa, Mike O'Sullivan, Bob Pedroza, John Rauch, Chris Summers

Desgin by Sean Dover & Evan Sult Editor Mike O'Sullivan

Special Thanks to Richard K.S. Baer, Dan Billings, Katie Conrad, Sam Damon, Josh Fritz, Larry Hama, Nora Hickey, Phil Kost, Mark Powers, Tim Straub, Evan Sult, www.myuselessknowledge.com & www.yojoe.com

Full Details

GI Joe Team Member

Airtight, Barrel Roll, Beach Head, Budo, Claymore, Clutch, Colton, J.R., Cover Girl, Dial Tone, Duke, Firewall, Flint, Frostbite, General Rey, Gung-Ho, Hawk, Iceberg, Jinx, Kamakura, Lade Jaye, Leatherneck, Low-Light, Mainframe, Mercer

Identified Threats

Baroness, Blackout, Cobra Commander, Copperhead, Crystal Ball, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Firefly, Headman, Major Bludd, McCullen, Alexander, Mistress Armada, Ripper, Torch, Thrasher, Zanya, Buzzer, Road Pig, Zarana, Zandar,