Published by IPC Magazines, Battle Picture Weekly was the precursor to today's 2000AD. The title featured all-war strips and ran from March 8th 1975 to January 23rd 1988 under several guises, including a section when the Marvel GI Joe characters appeared in original stories as Action Force. On October 23rd 1976 the title was merged with the comic Valiant, a popular move among comics of the time when sales figures fell, basically axing the unsuccessful ones and then popular strips bumped to another title. The title of the comic was then retitled Battle Action on November 19th 1977. The comic ran as this title until July 15th 1981, when the name was changed back to Battle. Marvel UK acquired the Action Force comic rights, and Battle was left stranded. The title reverted back to just Battle, again, on December 6th 1986, the cover art bore the headline "British Destroyer fires on British Helicopter!!!" from the 'Day Of The Jackal' story. A replacement strip was hastily penned and on January 24th 1987 Battle with Storm Force was born. The comic soldiered on bravely until the 8th of January 1988, although by then the majority of the strip was reprint. The title was eventually merged with Eagle where Storm Force ran for many years. The Battle weekly series lasted 664 issues, 11 years and four name changes. Battle ran for 247 issues. Battle Action ran 200 issues. The Battle Action Force part of the series ran for 165 issues. Battle with Storm Force ran for 52 issues. For a full article on the history of Battle, go to Blood for the
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