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Battle Action Force

December 14th, 1985
(Wave 2 #554)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

Additional Non Action Force Stories: Johnny Red, The Nightmare, Charley's War & The Grudge
Notes of Interest:
Data Files: A.T.C. (Armoured Troop Carrier)

Recondo is referred to as Digger a nicknamed used often for him in Australian comics.

From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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Snow Job
Jungle of Doom
Story #1
Story Title: Snow Job
Creative Team: Writer: J. Nicholas, Artist: Vanyo, Letterer: C. McGee
Summary: A top secret jet crashes in the Arctic near Russia. Action Force is not close enough, so they send in one of their members solo to get there first: Snow Job. As he is skiing in Norway, he is picked up and taken to the nearest military base. Where an old retired WWII pilot, Colonel Harry Porter, is set to fly Snow Job into a storm where the plane has crashed. As they approach the area near the crash, two Cobra RoboSkulls appear strafing the cargo plane. Snow Job is knocked out and Porter is hit. He turns his plane towards the on coming RoboSkulls.
Major Players:
Action Force:
GI Joe: Snow Job, Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Flash, Breaker
Red Shadows:
Others: Col. Harry Porter

Story #2
Story Title: Jungle of Doom (front cover)
Creative Team: Writer: G. Day, Artist: J. Cooper, Letterer: P. Knight
Summary: Recondo is given a recon only mission in New Guinea. There have been rumors of Cobra activity there similar to what the Red Shadows did in South America. Major Flagg is sending him in to take photos and prove that Cobra is there. He drops in by parachute with his silent attack boat. Once he lands he connects up with his local Indonesian contact Captain Sukan along two of his soldiers. They take an assault boat, Recondo insists on bringing his Silent Attack boat, part why down the river they are attacked by a crocodile that destroys the assault boat. After killing the crocodile, Recondo proceeds down the river with his boat and Sukan and his men steal some canoes. Later, they arrive at the village, where Recondo spots some ski mark tracks, which could only mean one person was there, Zartan.
Major Players:
Action Force: Recondo, Stalker, Major Flagg
GI Joe:
Cobra: Zartan
Red Shadows:
Others: Cap. Sukan,
Note: There is a reference to a previous mission, here is the link to the mission called Bloodhound

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