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Battle Action Force

November 23rd, 1985
(Wave 2 #551)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

Additional Non Action Force Stories: Johnny Red (front cover), The Nightmare, Charley's War & H.M.S. Nightshade
Notes of Interest:
Data Files: Deep Six & Flying Submarine

From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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Target Torpedo
The Venom of Cobra
Story #1
Story Title: Target Torpedo
Creative Team: Writer: G. Day, Artist: J. Watson , Letterer: C. McGee
Summary: Having escaped his burned down windmill, Torpedo hitches a right with truck to avoid the Cobra soldiers hunting for him. As he is arriving in Amsterdam, a Cobra car pulls up firing at the truck killing the driver. Torpedo smashes the truck into the car killing those Cobras. The cops arrive and arrest Torpedo taking him to the police station by helicopter. Waiting in his water moccasin near the police station is Copperhead, he fires a surface to air missile which damages the helicopter causing it to crash into the canal. Torpedo is able to swim out and hide undercover as both the police and Copperhead are still hunting him.
Major Players:
Action Force:
GI Joe: Torpedo
Cobra: Copperhead
Red Shadows:

Story #2
Story Title: Venom of Cobra
Creative Team: Writer: J. Nicholas, Artist: J. Cooper, Letterer: C. McGee
Summary: Sanford & Richardson, two deceased members of Z Force, who were killed by the Cobra spy within their own ranks have been buried. Tracker leading the remaining men to go find Cap. Campbell & Wheels. As they make their way, a jeep is driving their way. Tracker sends Kelderman and Lee to one side of the valley and takes Elgin and Lawson with him. Destro, who is driving the Jeep, is warned by early gunfire from the spy. Tracker then uses his awesome marksmanship to shot out the tire. A series of fights happen: Kelderman kills Lee, Kelderman starts firing at Tracker where he kills Elgin, Tracker with another great shot kills Kelderman, Destro knocks out Lawson, Tracker & Destro get in a fist fight, Tracker pulls his gun on Destro and finally a presumed dead Sanford gets the drop on Tracker. A Cobra helicopter arrives for Destro and Sanford. Tracker asks him why did he sell out. Sanford's answer "Money, more money then people like us see in a lifetime."
Major Players:
Action Force (Z Force): Tracker, Lawson, Lee(deceased)
GI Joe:
Cobra: Destro, Elgin(deceased), Sanford, Kelderman (deceased)
Red Shadows:

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