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Battle Action Force

November 2nd, 1985
(Wave 2 #548)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

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Notes of Interest:
Data Files: Flash

The origin of Storm Shadows is concluded.

From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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Storm Shadow
The Venom of Cobra
Story #1
Story Title: Storm Shadow
Creative Team: Writer: P. Rudge, Artist: Vanyo, Letterer: P. Knight
Summary: Azaki (Storm Shadow) has just completed his first assignment as a ninja, upon receiving his payment he is given a new assignment, to kill the Grand Master of the Ninja. They play a tape of the Grand Master talking about how Azaki will not survive his first assignment. Upon returning to the ninja training school, he confronts the Grand Master. The Grand Master reveals that he discovered Azaki had killed his own brother as well as others to advance to being a ninja. He easily dispatches several guards and kills the Grand Master. He leaves saying "From now on I operate alone and get my own contracts! I will also have a new name to strike fear into one and all...Storm Shadow." Over the next few months, Storm Shadow builds a reputation as a killer who always get his man. After many killings, a government minister is giving a statment about the killings, Storm Shadow kills him with an arrow. Now he must leave Japan, he has heard of an organization that needs killers called Cobra. Soon, the ninja was a deadly part of the Cobra team.
Major Players:
Action Force:
GI Joe:
Cobra: Storm Shadow (Azaki Suromo)
Red Shadows:
Others: Grand Master

Story #2
Story Title: Venom of Cobra (front cover)
Creative Team: Writer: J. Nicholas, Artist: J. Cooper, Letterer: P. Knight
Summary: Red Wolf of the Red Shadows has been destroying airbases all around India. Z Force is called in to help find and defeat him. On the plane ride there Cap. Grant Campbell, along with Tracker, Wheels and 14 other Action Force members, calls out to his men that their is a spy amongst them. Henderson immediately attacks Campbell and they fall out of the plane. As they fall, they fight then separate, Campbell pulls his chute & watches Henderson refuse to pulls his. Much later they are meet by there Indian contact Major Jundi. He takes them to the last place the Red Wolf was seen. As the column is pulling away, the Red Wolf appears straffing the column. Most of Z force is able to escape. Except for two members, Thomas & Vaski. Later it is discovered that they were actually shot in the back. Meaning there is another spy in the ranks of Z Force.
Major Players:
Action Force (Z Force): Tracker, Cap. Grant Campbell, Wheels, Sanford, Henderson(deceased), Thomas, Vaski
GI Joe:
Cobra: Red Wolf,
Red Shadows:
Others: Major Jundi

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