Battle Action Force

September 14th, 1985
(Wave 2 #541)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

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From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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Death in South America
Arctic Terror
Story #1
Story Title: Death in South America
Creative Team: Writer: J. Nicholas, Artist: J. Cooper, Letterer: C. McGee
Summary: Outside the German Nazi/Red Shadow base, Major Bludd, Cap. Buckingham and Albert Jones have just been fired on by a firing squad, except all of hthe bullets where sent high to scare them. Nazi General Kazman and Adolf Hitler want information. But the firing squad is then killed by gunfire, Hitler and Kazman escape back into the base. The Baroness has saved the day. With much reluctence the Action Force members are released. But it is the goal of both groups to destroy the Red Shadows. So they team up and come up with a plan to sneak into the base. Next, the Baroness and Major Bludd are being walking into the base by two Red Shadow guards. The prisoners are brought directly to Hitler. Once inside Buckingham and Jones reveal their cover as Red Shadows guards and a fire fight erupts. Kazman is killed and Hitler is now cornered.
Major Players:
Action Force: Cap. Charles Buckingham (Eagle), Albert Jones (Stakeout),
GI Joe: None
Cobra: Baroness, Major Bludd
Red Shadows:
Others: Nazi SS Major Kazman, Adolf Hitler

Story #2
Story Title: Arctic Terror (front cover)
Creative Team: Writer: F. Rudge, Artist: J. Bleach, Letterer: P. Knight
Summary: The Action Force team members are trapped in the open in the Arctic as two Cobra RobosSkulls and several Cobra hang guilders are heading towards them. Duke, the leader, takes off running away from the group, the Cobra forces recoginze him and begin the chase. Duke runs toward a large snow embankment. The RoboSkulls approach for one side the gliders from the other. As Duke dives for cover the RoboSkulls crash into the the gliders and then crash into the embankment. Gung-Ho has been shot and is bleeding so Action Force double times it to try and make it back to the extraction site. But Gung-Ho is in bad condition and a faster way is needed. So Duke comes up with an idea. A Cobra chopper sees a flare go off in the distance. When it arrives it sees the Action Force team laying dead. But of course, it is a trap and the Cobra troopers fall for it. They load up Gung-Ho and Stalker flies off with him to get to the extraction point. Duke, Scarlett and Snow Job stay behind to go find Cobra Commander and finish the mission.
Major Players:
Action Force:
GI Joe: Duke, Stalker, Gung-Ho, Snow Job, Scarlett, Stalker
Red Shadows: None
Others: None

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