Battle Action Force

August 31st, 1985
(Wave 2 #539)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

Additional Non Action Force Stories: Johnny Red, The Nightmare, Charley's War (front cover) & The Sarge
Notes of Interest:
Data Files: Stalker

From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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Death in South America
Arctic Terror
Story #1
Story Title: Death in South America
Creative Team: Writer: J. Nicholas, Artist: J. Cooper, Letterer: C. McGee
Summary: Cap. Buckingham, Albert Jones and Major Bludd have just come from meeting with a still alive Adolf Hitler. He was secreted out of Germany to South America and has been kept alive to help lead another Nazi revolution this time aided by the Red Shadows. They are then put back in their cell. Out in the forest near the underground base, the Baroness finds a gravely wounded member of Actin Force, Travis, who tells them about the attack on his convoy by the Red Shadows. The Baroness has been hunting for Major Bludd and his missing patrol. Back in the cell, Major Bludd knocks out the guard but before he can get the keys Major Kazman returns and stops the escape attempt. He informs them that their execution will be in one hour.
Major Players:
Action Force: Cap. Charles Buckingham (Eagle), Albert Jones (Stakeout), Travis (deceased),
GI Joe: None
Cobra: Baroness, Major Bludd
Red Shadows:
Others: Nazi SS Major Kazman, Adolf Hitler

Story #2
Story Title: Arctic Terror
Creative Team: Writer: F. Rudge, Artist: J. Bleach, Letterer: P. Knight
Summary: Stalker and Typhoon are pinned down by Cobra. Their Snowcat is the only cover they have as the Cobra troops advance. Out of ammunition, Stalker begins fighting hand to hand as Typhoon drives the damaged Snowcat at the Cobra troopers. They fire at the Snowcat killing Typhoon but not before he can release a grenade that kills all of the Cobra troopers. Stalker is able to get clear before the explosion. Later as Stalker is walking to safety, he is discovered by 2 Cobra choppers. But as he runs for cover Duke and Gung-Ho fire on the helicopters, destroying one and making the other flee. Stalker is safe. Once the helicopter lands and reports to Cobra Commander about the failed attack the pilot is shot for retreating. Cobra Commander then orders another attack. As Action Force advances on the Cobra base, they are attacked by Cobra hang gliders.
Major Players:
Action Force: Typhoon (Luke Ford)
GI Joe: Duke, Stalker, Gung-Ho
Red Shadows: None
Others: Cobra Commander, Destro

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