Battle Action Force

August 10th, 1985
(Wave 2 #536)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

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Notes of Interest:
Data Files: Scrap Iron

From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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Operatin Stubborn
The Hacienda Hit
Story #1
Story Title: Operation Stubborn (front cover)
Creative Team: Writer: Gerry Day, Artist: Jim Watson, Letterer: M. Dolphin
Summary: With the MMS Missile systems in place. Action Force awaits dawn. Cap. Buckingham and Albert Jones are looking for the Cobra jets. Muller and Ragnarrson are cleaning the system when satchel charge comes flying at the MMS. Firefly, who has been trying to destroy the MMS's, finally gets his chance. As they flee, the missile blows up. Hearing the explosion, Buckingham orders his missile system fired at Firefly. The missile impacts right near him and they don't see if they got him. And the Cobra jets show up. The MMS is able to destroy 4 for 4, but the last one is still able to blow up the MMS. Days later, Action Force is walking with the Sheik when Firefly makes sneak attack by throwing a knife. Albert Jones jump in front of the Sheik and is killed by the knife. Before anyone can really react Firefly has disappeared into the crowd.
Major Players:
Action Force: Cap. Buckingham, Albert Jones, Muller, Ragnarrson
GI Joe: None
Cobra: Firefly
Red Shadows: None

Story #2
Story Title: The Hacienda Hit
Creative Team: Writer: Gerry Day, Artist: John Cooper, Letterer: Nigal Eaton
Summary: Mutt has just rescued the wife of the disposed President that Action Force has been guarding. The Baroness has taken her place to gain access to the compound. Junkyard, still injured, is in the compound. As the Baroness rides the horse, surrounded by Cobra troopers also in disguise, Junkyard rushes the horse, which throws the Baroness. She pulls out her gun and tries to assassinate the President. A long gun battle erupts as the President takes cover. The fight turns when Mutt arrives and kills several Cobra troopers. After the battle is over, the Baroness is still unaccounted for. But she makes her presences known when she jumps from the pool throwing a grenade at the President, his wife and Mutt and Junkyard. Junkyard grabs the grenade and drops it back in the pool, everyone is safe. The Baroness escaped during the explosion.
Major Players:
Action Force: None
GI Joe: Mutt & Junkyard,
Cobra: Baroness
Red Shadows: None
Others: President Perro & his wife Donna Elivra Perro

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