Battle Action Force

June 8th, 1985
(Wave 2 #527)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

Additional Non Action Force Stories: Johnny Red, The Nightmare, Charley's War & The Sarge
Notes of Interest:
Introduction of Tripwire.
There are several pages that are in 3-D included in this issue.
The Cobra Conversion Part 1 -- A very detailed description of how Baron Ironblood transformed himself into Cobra Commander.

From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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The Great Cobra Robbery
River of Serpents
Story #1
Story Title: The Great Cobra Robbery
Creative Team: Writer: James Nicholas, Artist: Vanyo, Letterer: Cliff McGee
Summary: Scarlett was shot in the back and fell in a pit, Duke, Gung-Ho and Breaker where blown up in C-130 Hercules Cargo plane and Stalker is now a captive of Cobra. Stalker believes the he is now alone. But Scarlett was only grazed by a bullet and pretended to be dead. When the Cobra troopers arrive to take her away, she kills them and disguises herself as one of them and gets ride right into the heart of the Cobra base. She just misses an opportunity to kill Cobra Commander and Destro but her gun is jammed. She then sets off to find Stalker in the interrogation room. Once she distracts the guards who are torturing him. She falls from her injuries but kills one of the guards by throwing a throwing star into his head. Then Stalker kills the rest. There plan now is to get to the radio room to inform Action Force of the massive Cobra base inside the Egyptian pyramids. Outside, Duke, Breaker, Gung-Ho, Doc and Tripwire are all alive having parachuted out of the C-130 before it was blown up.
Major Players:
Action Force:
GI Joe: Duke, Stalker, Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Breaker, Tripwire
Cobra: Cobra Commander, Destro
Red Shadows: None

Story #2
Story Title: River of Serpents
Creative Team: Writer: Gerry Day, Artist: Geoff Campion, Letterer: Nigel Eaton
Summary: Cutter leading his Hovercraft, with Chinese officials, up the Yangtze River hunting for Cobra activity. At night they send out Beadseye on the recon sled. He spots the Cobra sniper that had killed a Chinese aide earlier in the trip. After he surprises the Cobra trooper Beadseye calls for the Hovercraft. Once it arrives, the Cobra trooper uses a suicide land mine to blow up the Hovercraft, but Cutter is to fast and escapes. One Cobra is defeated but others watch and plan for more traps.
Major Players:
Action Force: Beadseye, Omar, McCook
GI Joe: Cutter
Cobra: None
Red Shadows: None
Others: Chinese General Cho, Admiral Chin

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