Battle Action Force

April 27th, 1985
(Wave 2 #521)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

Additional Non Action Force Stories: Johnny Red , The Nightmare, Charley's War & The Sarge
Notes of Interest:
First appearance of Breaker
Data File: Storm Shadow.

From the collection of Josh Eggebeen

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Revenge of the Red Shadows
Story #1
Story Title: Revenge of the Red Shadows
Creative Team: Writer: Gerry Day, Artist: Jim Watson, Letterer: Cliff McGee
Summary: Cobra Commander has sent out assassins to kill multiple targets all at the same time around the globe. At the UN, Major Flagg is talking about how the previous members of Action Force with resolution nine zero nine defeated the Red Shadows organization with multiple attacks at the same time all around the world. Meanwhile, on an uninhabited island in the Pacific, Red Shadow leaders Black Major and Red Laser have just captured a boat and escape their exile on the deserted island. Breaker helps Major Flagg make a plan that will draw out Cobra Commander. In Papeete, Tahiti, Black Major reads up on the activities of Cobra and finds an old article on the capture of Red Vulture and 30 Red Shadow soldiers in Morocco. Now with new uniforms Black Major and Red Laser head off to rescue his fellow Red Shadows and revive his organization.
Major Players:
Action Force: None
GI Joe: Major Flagg, Duke, Flash, Breaker
Cobra: Cobra Commander/Baron Ironblood
Red Shadows: Black Major, Red Laser

Story #2
Story Title: Gung-Ho (front cover)
Creative Team: Writer: James Nicholas, Artist: John Cooper, Letterer: Peter Knight
Summary: A pre-Action Force story about Gung-Ho. Brewster and Mex make their way through the swamps of the Florida Everglades having left behind the dead Indian Running Wolf in his burial hammock. They discover what they are looking for, McGarvey and his men. McGarvey, who is the Sheriff, is supervising the unloading of crates of M-16 machine guns from a seaplane to his cabin cruiser. Brewster and Mex take out several of his guards including his deputy Sam Slater and confront McGarvey. McGarvey steps to the side as a mystery man steps out and shoots Brewster and Mex.
Major Players:
Action Force: None
GI Joe: Gung-Ho (Harry Brewster)
Cobra: None
Red Shadows: None
Others: Jake McGarvey, Sam Slater, Mex, Running Wolf

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