Battle Action Force

March 23rd, 1985
(Wave 2 #516)

Comic Information
Country: England
Publisher: IPC Magazines LTD
Release: Weekly
Duration: Wave 2 Cobra Era -- 96 Issues

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Notes of Interest:
Data Files: Scarlett

Battle Weapons File(back page):Skyfighters: Mig 25 "Foxbat" (USSR) vs F-18 Hornet (USA)

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Operation: Snakebite
The Baroness
Story #1
Story Title: Operation: Snakebite
Creative Team: Writer: Gerry Day, Artist: Jim Watson, Letterer: Nigel Eaton
Summary: Recondo, Rip Cord and Flash continue there training. Weird accidents have been happening since they arrived. What they don't know is that Zartan has been causing the accidents & even killed a couple Action Force members. Cobra Commander is planning a huge attack on the training physicality. Duke has been pushing them hard through training. His current test is to build a command center then take it apart and put it back in the boxes. Duke takes the trainees out on S.E.A.L. exercise and Zartan is waiting for them.
Major Players:
Action Force: None
GI Joe: Duke, Recondo, Flash, Rip Cord
Cobra: Cobra Commander, Zartan
Red Shadows: None

Story #2
Story Title: The Baroness
Creative Team: Writer: James Nicholas, Artist: Vanyo, Letterer:
Summary: The Baroness and her group, Bruno, Karl and Helga are planning there next terrorist attack. The Stalt oil refinery. 72 hrs later, they are driving a tanker truck into the refinery. The guards stop them but they shoot there way inside. The tanker is filled with explosives. The Baroness makes a side trip to see the owner of the refinery, a man she knows and hates. She taunts him before leaving him behind to die in the explosion of his factory. As Karl and the Baroness drive away from the exploding refinery, a guard fires at them hitting the Baroness.
Major Players:
Action Force:None
GI Joe: None
Cobra: Baroness
Red Shadows: None
Others: Karl, Bruno, Helga

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