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Battle Action Force was published weekly by IPC Magazines, LTD for 165 issues between 1983 & 1986. The format of the comic is actually more similar to a newspaper, a much larger format then US comics, mostly black & white and with newspaper style paper. Each issue usually contained at least 6 different continuing series stories. During the GI Joe/Action Force run, there were usually 2 or 3 Action Force stories lasting about 10 pages along with 3 other unrelelated series.

In England, Palitoy released a toy line of similar, sometimes exact moulds of the Hasbro GI Joe toys. These toys called Action Force all had individual names and stories. These Action Force characters were fighting the Red Shadows before the Marvel GI Joe characters appeared and they continued to periodically appear once Cobra was born.
These characters biographies can be seen in the Action Force Data Files section.

After 69 issues with just the original Action Force characters, the American GI Joe characters began to appear. Although, they were still called Action Force and technically all part of the same fighting force. A major change to the storyline happens when Baron Ironblood of the Red Shadows changes his identity into Cobra Commander. And this conversion can be read in a two part story here. Part 1 and Part 2
This conversion is the moment that divides the Battle Action Force run into two different waves.

What is available to view are just the issues in which the Action Force/Red Shadows & Action Force(GI Joe)/Cobra characters were apart of the title. All issues covers are available to view, but due to the sheer amount of issues released most are missing summary, etc type information.
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All of the GI Joe/Action Force stories in Battle Action Force are completely original.

Wave 1 Battle Action Force - Red Shadows Era:

October 8th 1983, (#440) is the first issue of Battle Action Force. This storyline used the characters created by Palitoy with the Red Shadows as the main enemy and Action Force characters.
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Wave 2 Battle Action Force - Cobra Era:

February 2nd, 1985, (#509) is the first issue in which the GI Joe/Cobra characters created by Hasbro appear. Cobra now becomes the main enemy & GI Joe (actually still Action Force) the main force to oppose them. Although the Red Shadows & the original Action Force characters do still appear periodically.
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Battle Action Force Annuals & Specials

Several Annuals & Specials were released over the years.
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Below is general information about the Battle series, none of these issues contain any Action Force/GI Joe or Cobra/Red Shadows.



These stories pre-date any Action Force stories. It started on March 8th 1975 (#1). On July 18th 1981 (#324), the title reverted back to Battle until Wave 1 in 1983 started. Again, Battle was reinstated on December 6th 1986 (#605).

Battle Action:

These stories pre-date any Action Force stories. The title change happened on November 19th 1977 (#142) and ran as this until July 11th 1981 (#323).

Battle with Storm Force:

These stories post-date any Action Force stories. It started on January 24th 1987(#612) and ran until it was finally completely canceled on 8th of January 1988(#644)

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