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Shake Down! Part Two / Coils of the Serpent
Short Summary

Snake Eyes has smuggled himself on board a COBRA helicopter carrying Cobra Commander and Destro. They arrive at Destro's castle in the Balkans where Snake Eyes finds himself privy to information that could lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

Notes of Interest

Reprints a portion of G.I.Joe #34 (Marvel).
32p, $1.00 US, $1.50 CAN.
Toy advertisement features Dragonfly, Water Moccasin, Cobra F.A.N.G.s, Armadillos, Cobra Ferrets, Destro, Wild Bill, Flint and Lady Jaye.

Major Players

Snake Eyes.
Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness.

Creative Team

Coils of the Serpent (5 page story)
Script: Mike Collins, Pencils: Kev Hopgood, Inks: Dave Harwood, Letters: Starkings, Colour: Steve White

Long Summary

Cobra Commander and Destro land their helicopter at Destro's castle and are met by the Baroness. They retire to the strategy room to discuss recent setbacks in their plan.

Snake Eyes sneaks off the helicopter and tracks Cobra's leaders in the ventilation shaft. Snake Eyes overhears the trio discussing their strategies.

Cobra Commander is angry at Destro for only focusing on monetary profit. Cobra Commander wants to destroy the world, and then rebuild it under Cobra's focus, eliminating free will. Cobra Commander's first step will begin the next day with the fall of the Eiffel Tower. Cobra Commander leaves, leaving Destro and Baroness to talk. Destro states that he plans to use Cobra Commander as a weapon, and if that fails he will dispose of him.

Cobra Troopers attempt to stop Snake Eyes, but he makes it past them. Cobra Commander calls for the Dreadnoks.


G.I.Joe #34 (Marvel)

Reprinted In

Action Force Monthly / European Missions #11

Number 4, March 28, 1987

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