Comandos em Ação
Brazil Comic Book Archive

Comandos em Ação #11

Country Information

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Publisher: Globo Editora

Duration: 11 Issues - Monthly

Notes of Interest

These were digest size. Approximately 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Here is a size comparison

From the collection of: Ricardo and Rodrigo Gonzalez
Issue Links

Marvel GI Joe #11

This was the last of the first-series Comandos em Ação comic book published. Inside was a letter from the publisher explaining that this was the last issue and that the publishers would continue to publish other new comic books. Note that the cover is not the same one as the U.S. version. While it's based on the cover for the U.S. version of #8, it's clearly been redrawn by a Brazilian artist.

Issue #11 1988

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