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Unproduced: Translucent G.I.Joe Unproduced: Translucent G.I.Joe

Unproduced: Translucent G.I.Joe

Pictured above is an unproduced and unnamed experimental design figure that was designed and ultimately scrapped around 1987.

The figure is constructed using the waist, head, torso, upper arm, and upper leg molds of the Sci-Fi (1986), and the forearm and lower leg molds from Snake Eyes (v2) (1985).

The figure is hand constructed and was part of a design development effort to create a fantastic figure concept which never actually came to light. It is constructed with plastic, as opposed to the more delicate resin and clay materials you often see with other pre-test-shot prototypes. The majority of the plastic is a semi-translucent yellow, and there are hand painted red and glow-in-the-dark paint highlights.

Significant work was done on the torso molds of this figure for a very interesting purpose. As is visible from the back, the figure has no screw port. In fact, all of the ridges and other internals which you find inside a joe's torso have been removed from the sculpt's molds. To keep the figure from falling apart the chest and back pieces have been glued together, and the torso has been glued to the waist piece. The metal hook which holds the legs to the body with a rubber band has also been removed. The remaining metal rod which connects the legs is glued to the inside of the groin. The groin piece on this figure runs all the way to figure's butt with no disconnection, as opposed to production joes which have a small gap there.

There is a cube removed from the figure's back waist piece. This was actually done to the mold before this waist piece was made via plastic injection (there are no signs of actual cutting on this waist piece). Additionally, the lack of screw holes in either the figure's back or the inside of the figure's legs provides evidence that the original molds from Sci-Fi had to be resculpted to make this figure. Where there would eventually be screw holes on the inside of his upper legs, detailed padding appears, which would not have appeared on the production-run Sci-Fi's test shot, or probably even his resin-injection shot or clay mold. Also there is no sign that a screw hole or internal ridges ever existed on the figure's torso pieces. Additionally, the details which normally appear on Sci-Fi's chest plate and almost all of the detail on the back have been eliminated from this figure.

The hole in the lower back of this figure was probably situated to allow for the attachment of an aparatus which would produce sparks, moving parts, or some other form of visual action within the figure's torso. This would explain the gutting of the torso and the use of translucent plastic. Unfortunately this device is not present and the end purpose of this figure's design will most likely never be known.

From the collection of: Will Toomey

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