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The Manimals were intended to be the next phase of the "Lunartix Empire Star Brigade" figures. Six figures were planned for late 1994 - but the G.I.Joe line was cancelled before these figures hit the stores. These first six manimals were so close to being released that advertising for them appeared on the back of later 1994 packaging.

Each a different kind of alien, all the Manimals had a transforming ability. In addition, the Manimals were larger in size than regular 3 3/4" figures.

Unlike the similarly cancelled Ninja Commandos, a few dozen loose and perhaps one dozen carded of the original Manimals samples are available in the collector's market.

Note that the above preproduction version of Iguanus is different than those pictured below in that the eyes on the figures mutated head (or non-mutated chest) have not been painted.

The mold was eventually re-used in 2001 to create a new version of Iguanus as a Kay-Bee exclusive.

Additional Images:

Pictured above is a hand-drawn ink drawing of a proposed Manimal named Dragonlord. However, the character depicted looks very similar to Ignuanus, which is probably what Dragonlord was renamed to.

Figure from the collection of: Josh Zyber
Dragonlord schematic from the collection of: Steve Campbell


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