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Cobra Blackstar


Pictured above is a hadpainted prototype version of Cobra Blackstar (1994). The stripe on the leg has been painted black and the missile launcher appears to load and fire from the opposite direction. While the right thumb strangely appears to be painted gold, this is simply the color of the repainted Barricade (1992) arms showing through. He is pictured with the accessories of Law (1993).

Additional Images:

Action figures usually start as "Hard Copies". These models are used to create the molds that are used to press out a run of "First shots" or "Test shots". These test shots are done in many different colors and lack a date stamp until the production run begins.

Pictured above is a first shot of Cobra Blackstar. It is made of resin and has been prepared for hand-painting with a coat of primer. Note that the figure would have re-used an existing mold's legs, waist, and arms. Therefore, they are not pictured.

First shot from the collection of:Alex Bickmore
Other images provided by: Patrick Stewart


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