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H.I.S.S. Driver / Rip It


Pictured above is a preproduction version of H.I.S.S. Driver as the figure appeared at a Hasbro product show. While collectors generally refer to the figure as H.I.S.S. Driver, the most recent use of the mold was for Rip It (2000). Due to the lack of labeled names, it is uncertain what the figure would have been named if it had been released.

Additional Images:

Each set would have likely included two different figures and one parachute (pictured above right) with a silver backpack (pictured above left).

Because of the fact that the accidentally shipped Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow included a plastic tray specific to the set, this confirms the accessories that were intended to be included in that set. While this set has not been opened, it is likely that the parachute would have been similar to the Halo Jumper parachute that was pictured on Hasbro's official website.

While several production-level hard copies of H.I.S.S. Driver / Rip It have become available to collectors, it is unknown if these are the figures as they would have been released or if they are simply figures made by the workers at the factory where G.I. Joe figures are produced.

Note that the factory production level figure is quite different than the hand-painted version Hasbro revealed. Not only is the waist (as with the original Rip It) from Cobra Commander v5 (1991), but the chest is red with a white Cobra logo.

Parachute image courtesy of: www.gijoe.com
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