X-COM Apocalypse and G.I. Joe

Download "Cobra: The Enemy" a patch for X-COM Apocalypse. Eddie Cobb has created a patch that will let you replace the default agents with those of the G.I. Joe team's immortal archrivals of the 1980's, Cobra: The Enemy.

Here is some more information from Eddie Cobb:

Howdy. I can't really think of anything significant that needs to be said about the patch that isn't mentioned in the instructions included with the readme file. As long as your computer can run X-COM: Apocalypse, you can use the patch. (By the way, it works only with X-COM: Apocalypse, the third and newest game of the series.) My computer has a P5-120 Pentium processor with 32 megs of RAM, so I have no problem running the game, plus it can run in either Win 95 mode or DOS mode. I'd just describe the patch as a utility that will overwrite the game's default X-COM agent graphics and replace them with Cobra agents. All you have to do to make this work is just use the new files I created to overwrite the default photo.pck, photo.tab, agntico.pck, agntico.tab, and agenteqp.pck files in the ufodata directory of Apocalypse. (For example, I keep the game on my C:\ drive in my games directory in its own folder named xcom. I'd be putting the files directly in c:\games\xcom\ufodata folder of the game.) It's really easy, and won't even take 5 minutes to complete, since this is just a simple graphics switch! I hope my readme file was thorough, but please let me know if there's anything else I can explain.

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