G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra by Electronic Arts

Released to multiple platforms on July 27, 2009, this game follows the events of the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. As described in EA's press release:

"For fans of all ages, 2009 is gearing up to become another watershed milestone in the timeless franchise by introducing even more new ways to engage, immerse and play within the G.I. Joe universe. The G.I. Joe video game will feature an exclusive storyline that picks up where the live-action movie leaves off, allowing players to re-create and re-live the greatest moments from the film, cartoon series and action figure toy line. The game will feature 12 G.I. Joe characters, each with unique abilities and weapons. Adding to the adrenaline rush will be an intense single-screen co-op mode allowing two players to easily unite as a team in a classic struggle between good and evil as they work together to defeat the powers of the Cobra organization. The G.I. Joe video game is under development for XBox 360 videogame and entertainment system, Playstation3 computer entertainment system, Wii, PlayStation2, PSP (PlayStationPortable), Nintendo DS, and mobile devices."

Facts about the game include:

  • Exclusive all-new storyline that picks up where the film ends and is inspired by 45 years of rich G.I.Joe history
  • Two player co-op lets players choose an elite team and call in support from other G.I. Joe characters
  • Choose from 16 playable characters (four of which are unlockable Cobra characters) - each with a unique set of abilities and weapons
  • Announced playable characters include Snake Eyes, Duke, Heavy Duty, Ripcord, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Gung Ho, Storm Shadow
  • Characters are classified into one of three units: Commandos who do well at close range, Heavys who possess extraordinary shooting skills but do it best from a distance and Combat Soldiers who are a balance between the two
  • Gear up with the latest in high-tech gadgets like the film-inspired Accelerator Suit which makes you invincible and gives you short bursts of additional fire power
  • Drivable G.I. Joe and Cobra vehicles designed for two-player co-op
  • Three difficulty levels - appealing to players of all ages and skill levels (Casual, Advanced and Hardcore)
  • 20 levels - each with 3-5 areas to explore - across four environments
  • 75 file cards and various intelligence items hidden throughout the game which can be used to unlock additional playable characters, special missions, 4 PSAs and other bonus content
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    Screenshots from the XBox 360 version.

    The game could be reserved at major retailers months prior to its release.

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