G.I. Joe by Taxan for the NintendoEntertainment System

Here is a review by Matt Roberts:

This G.I.Joe game was simply titled "G.I.Joe" and was produced by Taxan in early 1991. G.I.Joe featured Blizzard, Capt. Grid-Iron, Duke (1984 version), Rock & Roll (1989 v.), and Snake Eyes (1989 v.). The game was divided by "missions" and levels. One of these characters heads up each mission as commander; you choose two other soldiers to join your team for that mission. General Hawk (in his 1991 uniform) gives orders to the team between missions, and you even get to use him as the commander for the final mission.

These characters seem to have chosen for their apparent specialty in surviving a certain geographical area as well as their popularity. The team progresses through six missions, each taking place in a different part of the world: the Amazon, Antarctica, New York City, The Black Hills, and the Sahara. The final mission is one huge base: Cobra Headquarters.

This game doesn't give you as much control as its successor; the missions progress consecutively until you face off with Cobra Commander. Each mission is divided into three "levels": the first is your journey to reach a Cobra base, the second is your attempt to place bombs at selected locations in the base (and escape before they blow up), and the third level is your escape from Cobra territory. On the third level you face off with a strong Cobra character - usually one of the leaders. Overlord and his Dictator, Voltar, Destro, and Cobra Commander himself try to stop you.

You are given grenades, guns, and some sort of hand-to-hand combat for weaponry. Guns can be powered-up, and hand-to-hand differs from character to character (Snake-Eyes even has some sort of "ninja magic": his "gun" is some bizarre mystical energy emission). You can also grab some Cobra vehicles to help you maneuver: the Interrogator, Pogo, and Buzz Boar show up in the game. All sorts of vipers block your path, from the general stock to the more specialized (like Rock, Laser, or the Cobra-La Royal Guard).

Loose picture from the collection of Robert "EagleEye Joe" Culpepper.

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