G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor by Capcom for the
Nintendo Entertainment System

Here is a review by Matt Roberts:

G.I.Joe: The Atlantis Factor was produced by Capcom and was released in late '91 or early '92. Capcom made some improvements on Taxan's engine: you could now choose which route you took to reach Cobra Commander (now revived by some Atlantean power discovered by his cronies), the selection of which members to take along with you on each board is totally yours (no mission leader designated), each member is given a unique skill to make them ideal for certain terrains, and you've got a small arsenal of cool weapons that all characters could use. Different areas were set up on the map, and you could choose where you wanted to go and which areas you wanted to defeat as Stalker gave you descriptions over the radio.

All of the characters were taken from the 1992 series (except Snake-Eyes, who is in his '91 uniform, and Spirit, who seems to be in his Slaughter's Marauders outfit). General Hawk (talking uniform without his oversized backpack), Wet-Suit, Storm Shadow, Duke, Snake-Eyes, and Roadblock are your characters of choice - but to gain access to each of the characters, you have to defeat certain boards and meet up with them. You start out with only General Hawk and a pea-shooter machine gun.

As you progress, you get Wet-Suit (who is the only one able to submerge in water), Storm Shadow (who's got that funky "ninja magic" which doesn't require ammo and can perform some cool ninja moves), Duke (who is the only one who can shoot up & down with guns), Snake-Eyes (pretty much the same as SS, but can jump higher & is stronger with his guns), and Roadblock (an all-around tough guy who can crawl underneath things). Gung-Ho, Spirit, and Big-Bear can also be called in with the radio to give you supplies and heal you, and Stalker is back at the base coordinating the campaign against Cobra. Weapons acquired later in the game include a laser gun, a wave-energy gun, and a rocket launcher. Each character has to gain proficiency in these weapons ("power them up") in order to produce some awesome firepower.

The enemies are more exciting in this game: Overkill, Cesspool, Firefly, Major Bludd, Destro, and CC come at you as you conquer bases. You can't control Cobra vehicles like last time, but that's not missed as much because Cobra throws more troops than vehicles at you (although Mambas, Pogos, Buzz Boars, Jet Sleds, etc. are thrown in the mix occasionally). The colors in the game aren't as good as Taxan's; they're more generic (i.e. - a lot of enemies are bluish or reddish in outline) and aren't as true to the way that the figures were painted. Although the artwork in the game wasn't as excellent as Taxan's when it came to the characters, the scenery isn't bad and the obstacles are challenging. The action is great, too - it's just plain fun to see Snakes whip out his sword and charge at some Cobras or to get Roadblock to launch a missile salvo at Destro.

Loose picture from the collection of Robert "EagleEye Joe" Culpepper.

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