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Action Force

In the early 1980s, the European toy company Palitoy released a line of military 3 3/4" toys called "Action Man : Action Force". The figures in this line were articulated like Kenner's Star Wars toys.
Australian Jungle Fighter
British Marine
German Stormtrooper U.S. Paratrooper
Soldiers from around the world.
Arctic Assault
Desert Rat
Ground Assault
Mission Pilot
Helicopter Pilot
Mountain & Arctic
2 Para
Various Action Force figures. Not pictured include the Deep Sea Diver.
AF3 (complete)
AF3 (split)
AF3 (instructions)
The AF3 was a covered jeep. The roof could be removed and used as a boat.
Multi Mission Vehicle (car)
Multi Mission Vehicle (plane)
Multi Mission Vehicle (boat)
The Multi Mission Vehicle could become a car, plane, or boat.
Action Force Headquarters Made of bristol board, it is extremely similar in construction to the "Death Star Playset" that Palitoy made for its Star Wars toyline.

By the mid 1980s, the Action Force revolved around several special forces - the SAS Force, the Z Force, the Q Force, and the Space Force - all fighting against the Enemy, Baron Ironblood and the Red Shadows. At this point, many early G.I.Joe figures and vehicles were recolored, renamed, and incorporated into the Action Force line. However, the original Palitoy figures were still articulated like Star Wars figures.
Baron Ironblood
Baron Ironblood (Carded)
Black Major (Carded)
Lazer Exterminator (with Red Laser)
Muton (Carded)
Red Shadow
Red Shadow (Carded)
Red Wolf
Baron Ironblood and the Enemy opposed the Action Force. They included the Lazer Exterminator - a red and black repaint of the HAL laser cannon. A repaint of Cobra Commander - Red Laser - piloted the Lazer Exterminator.
Aqua Trooper
Aqua Trooper (Carded)
Deep Sea Defender
Deep Sea Defender (Carded)
Deep Sea Diver
Sea Skimmer
Sonar Officer
Sonar Officer (Carded)
Sting Ray (with Shark)
The Q-Force was the ocean themed wing of Action Force.
Mobile Missile System (MMS)
MMS Instructions
MMS Instructions (back)
Panther Jeep
Squad Leader
The SAS Force featured repaints of the Mobile Missile System and the Panther Jeep - a repainted VAMP. The Panther Jeep driver was a repainted Snake Eyes named Stalker.
Space Commander
Space Commander (Carded)
Space Patroller
Space Pilot
Space Pilot (Carded)
Space Engineer
Space Engineer (Carded)
Space Security Trooper (Carded)
The Space Force.
Attack Cannon
Captain (Carded)
Dart PAC/RAT (Instructions)
Infantryman (Carded)
Lance PAC/RAT (Instructions)
Mine Sweeper
Radio Operator
Radio Operator (Carded)
RAM with Quarrel
Sapper (Carded)
The Z-Force featured a repainted Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) that included Quarrel - a specially colored Scarlett. There was also a repainted MOBAT tank that included a specially colored Steeler. Repainted PAC/RATs were also part of the Z-Force, as was the FLAK attack cannon.
Action Force Commander The Action Force Commander was available as a mail-in offer from Palitoy. It was made from the same mold as the villain Black Major, only not molded in black.
Micro-Comic (back)
This free micro-comic was included with some Action Force vehicles. It described the free offer to get Kraken.
Join the Action Force Team This insert advertised the "Action Force Team" - the Action Force fan club.
ATT Barracuda Cardback
Att Barracuda Filecard
ATT Chopper Cardback
ATT Phones Cardback
ATT Phones Filecard
ATT Police Cardback
ATT Police Filecard
Baron Ironblood Filecard
Black Major Filecard
Red Shadow Filecard
Cardback (German)
Cardback Close-Up
In West Germany, the various forces were not referenced. Instead, the forces were referred to as "ATT" (Anti-Terrorist Team), while the villains were called the "Terror Gang". These changes were only in West Germany, making German Action Toys very easy to differentiate from other Action Force Toys.

Escape Armor and Wolverine The Escape Armour was a red version of the American "Cobra S.N.A.K.E. Armor" and part of the Enemy forces. The Wolverine was a black version of the American version and part of the SAS Forces. Driving the Wolverine is Hunter.

By 1985, Palitoy ceased making original Action Force figures and simply repackaged the American G.I.Joe toys as "Action Force".
Cobra CLAW Note that the stickers on the Action Force Cobra CLAW differed from the U.S. version

In 1987, the Action Force comic book was released by Marvel UK. Released every two weeks in an oversized "magazine-size" format, it had a run for about 50 issues - many of which made it to the United States. They were an eclectic mix of original stories and serialization of the U.S. Marvel stories.

In 1990, the line became named "G.I.Joe - the Action Force". By 1991, the label "Action Force" was dropped altogether.

Images of vehicles and headquarters courtesy of: Pol Gosselin
Additional images from the collection of: Rob Lewis
Additional images from the collection of: Jerome Smeets
Carded figures from the collection of: Beanieboy.co.uk
Arctic Assault, Mine Sweeper, and additional information courtesy of: Captain DC
ATT Cardbacks and filecards from the collection of: PredatorSWF
Additional images from the collection of: apwwrestling

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