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G.I.Joe International Figure Variation Archive


Fuera de la Ley - with original waist or with Duke's waist.

Ninja Ku - Many variants of Ninja Ku have been seen - particularly in the case of his accessories. In the carded figures pictured, the figure is seen with a gold short sword, long sword, and nunchaku or with a gold short sword, backpack, and nunchaku.

Satan - Many variations of Satan have been seen - particularly in the case of his accessories. In the carded figures pictured, the figure is seen with a gold bow and backpack or with a black bow and backpack.

Sparta - with M-32 as in card art or with a strapped M-16

T.N.T. - with torch, strapped M-16, or M-32.



Cobra de Aco - base color of the head is either white or black (this variation should not be notable on a perfect head without disassembling the figure.



Crimson Guard Immortal - with original or Rock Viper head

Jammer - either no camouflage, light camouflage, or dark camouflage. Some came either with or without the rifle.

Sneak Peek - with original rifle or later rifle.



Note that pepsodent premium figures came packaged with one random accessory.

Airtight - light (carded) or dark green (bagged)

Beach Head - red trim, yellow vest, or bright green

Blaster - regular colors or vehicle insert colors

Buzzer - regular colors or red vest

Captain Grid-Iron - yellow camo arms or green upper arms

Crimson Guard Immortal - gold or silver ammo strap on leg

General Flagg - with orange or black accessories

Hawk - blue or green

Iceberg - green and blue, red and pink with green goggles, or red and pink with pink goggles

Lady Jaye - dark or light green

Lifeline - yellow shirt with yellow sleeves or green shirt with yellow sleeves

Major Bludd - blue with yellow vest or regular colors

Psyche Out - regular or vehicle insert colors

Ripper - regular shirt or purple shirt

Scrap Iron - original arms or Toxo Viper arms

Short Fuse - green or blue

Spearhead - regular or vehicle insert colors

Stalker - red or green uniform

Superhero - painted "S" or sticker "S"

Torpedo - black and gray, black and blue, or black and yellow

Windmill - with purple backpack & yellow windmill or yellow backpack & purple windmill

Zap - bright green, dark green with original head, or dark green with Flash head

Zartan - black or flesh elbows



Duke - Original or cuffed sleeves

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