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G.I.Joe Variation Archive

This section attemps to include all known variations in United States G.I. Joe products.  For the purpose of clarity, a variation here refers to a change in the same release of a figure or toy (even when it is available in multiple kinds of packages). As such, international versions are not included here (while variations within an international version are).  For more information on international figures and vehicles, check out the International section of Yojoe.com.  

Note that many figures have odd paint mistakes to them. Typically a highlight on the figure is not painted - ie - a holster, eyebrows, kneepad, etc. Because it is not possible to determine how many of such cases exist (or to decide how many errors would constitute a variation), these paint errors are not included in this list. The exception to this is when the change is intentional and/or permanent (as with many 1994 figures and the 2002 Cobra Viper), indicating that a production change was made rather than a production mistake. Paint errors can still be quite interesting and as such are archived in the Production Errors section below.

Please email us should you know of any variations not listed here.  Be sure to send a photo if possible.  Also let us know if you have any pictures of items we don't have images for.

Please understand that sometimes what may seem like a variation is actually a foreign release, factory sample, production error, or otherwise. Because of this, care is taken to verify any variations submitted. This is sometimes why there might be some delay in reported variations being added. We do appreciate your contributions! Please keep them coming and take a look at the "Possible Variations" section to see if you can help confirm someone's discovery.


While you are free (and encouraged!) to download these images for your personal reference, please do not publish any of these images on your web site without contacting us first. Thank you.


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